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Michelle H
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Michelle's background in environmental science grants her the authority and passion for writing unique and compelling content about nature, the environment, the outdoors, health and wellness and a plethora of other popular topics. Her command of the English language allows her to write clear and fluid articles that grab a reader's attention, leaving them wanting more.

Michelle has been working with multiple online writing markets over the last year creating content for blogs, websites, SEO and marketing materials. She enjoys conducting the necessary research to make her articles relevant, current and interesting. She brings industry knowledge, experience, and personal interests to every project she tackles.
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Michelle specializes in writing content about the environment, nature, outdoors, health, food, travel, and gardening. She has the ability to take scientific and technologically dense topics and translate them into accessible, interesting articles.


After recently finishing her Master's in Hydrology, Michelle has been spending her time traveling and developing her passions which include the outdoors, cooking, yoga, guitar playing, reading and learning about fascinating new subjects -- all while developing an impressive career as a freelance writer.


Humboldt State University

Her research focused on best management practice to prevent erosion and sediment delivery from forest roads to nearby water courses.

San Francisco State University

Her undergraduate research focuses on the effect of geologic structures on stream orientations.


12 Projects Completed

Michelle has written a number of health and wellness related articles focusing on reasons to avoid specific nutritional supplements, beating depression, fitness tips etc.


9 Projects Completed

Michelle has been regularly contributing to a popular home and garden website for the last three months.


4 Projects Completed

While earning two degrees in hard science fields, Michelle has become an excellent writer on many scientific topics.

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7 Projects Completed

Michelle has been contributing to a number of blogs over the last year. One of her specialties is travel tips.

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5 Projects Completed

Michelle has been provided multiple product descriptions through online writing markets.

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