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David S
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David is an experienced writer with a focus on sustainable living. He is a master gardener with a long history in agriculture and farm-to-market experience.

As an outdoor living fanatic, he writes living content on:
Market gardening
Agriculture - large and small
Survival and Prepping
Solar and off-grid sustainable living
Pest control
Green Concepts
David's Clients Include:
Gardening/nursery companies - organic market producers, B2B and B2C suppliers
Solar companies and installers - Home installers and commercial installers

Agriculture - farms, farm supplies, fertilizers - organic and non
Fishing ventures - fishing guides, fishing lodges, trip planning, charters, fishing how-to blogs, etc.
Hunters - sustainable hunting blogs, gunsmiths, gun sellers, ammo production, preppers, and shooters
Food Producers - food security blogs, how-to grow blogs, organic producers, green companies, etc.
Outdoor Living companies - including product and design bloggers

ABOUT DAVID S Writer 2048

David has a healthcare background and a vibrant outdoor living lifestyle. He is passionate about sustainable food production, healthy living, and philosophies such as farm-to-table. He is an avid fisherman who enjoys all types of fishing. He hikes and camps and seeks out nature. He has a marketing background and understands SEO and inbound marketing and works with platforms such as Surfer SEO for his clients.
David is passionate about green living and sustainable living with a focus on organic food production and nutrition. His philosophy is that happiness begins as home and quality home living is the gateway to a sustainable lifestyle imbued with happiness, health, and adventure.
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Green Products
Green Services
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