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David S
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Kelseyville, CA
Joined 12/2/2010
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David is an experienced writer with a focus on small- and medium-sized businesses. He primarily creates SEO and marketing content for regular clients. He writes for web page designers, marketing companies, outdoor living clients, and pest control companies. His private clients include homestead/prepper magazines, marketing agencies, pest control companies, healthcare affiliates, outdoor living and construction companies, and gardening/nursery companies.

Client Persona

Who are the ideal clients for David's writing style? It is a question he has asked himself, and below is his answer.

In Terms of Projects
You need 2-10 pieces of content each month that are 500-2,000 words each. You like blog posts, but sometimes need articles and eBooks. Your project list is ongoing.

By Topic
You need B2B and B2C content that addresses the buyer's journey for your niche in one of the following industries - Outdoor Living, Fishing, Gardening, Prepper, Marketing, Health, and Construction.

By Style
You are a professional who needs more hours in your day. Your content aims to target the top, middle, and bottom of the sales funnel. You may need blog posts or webpage and landing page content that uses quality SEO design that matches your existing style.

You may need some content management help such as topic generation, or content solutions that address site metric deficiencies.

By Price
You have already tried the cheaper avenues of content production and realize that writing quality content is not easy. Maybe you've had bad experiences with writers who miss deadlines, spin content, or who don't care about your business. You are willing to pay in the $.06/word range for general content and upwards of $1/word for specialized content. You also want a writer who asks questions, provide feedback, and who does not mind revisions. After all, they understand that your content is a vital part of your business and marketing.

If my ideal client persona describes you, then welcome. You can reach out to me via the message system here with questions or project ideas or just place a solo order.

Praise from Clients:

- Pest Control - The client has approved your article for their order named `[Blog] Yellow Flies'They rated your submission "Exceeded my expectations".

They left the following note: David, here's what our client said: "This guy's a champ! Go to print!" He loved it! :-)

- Pest Control - The client has approved your article for their order named `[Blog] Biting flies`. They rated your submission "Exceeded my expectations."

They left the following note: David - My client said "This writer is great! Great article!" Nice job! :-)

- Pets: It's great thanks, David, pleasure working with you!

- Entomology: The client has approved your article for their order named `Article: bugs as food`. They rated your submission "Exceeded my expectations". They left the following note: Thanks, great work again!

-Health: Perfect David! Just what I was looking for. Thank you!

-Health: The client has approved your article soy milk. They rated your submission "Exceeded my expectations". They left the following note: Great work! Exactly what we were after. Thank you.

-Construction: The client has approved your article for their order for Vinyl Flooring. They rated your submission "Exceeded my expectations". They also increased your pay on this order by $7.00.

They left the following note: Great work David. Let me know if you have any more "How To" ideas in the future.

-Construction: The client has approved your article for their How-to order. They rated your submission "Exceeded my expectations". They also increased your pay on this order by $8.40.

They left the following note: Great job, thanks for taking the time to really explain the process.

- Insurance: Thanks so much for being accommodating and revising this article even though it's way past the approval date. The revised version has exceeded my expectations. Thanks!

- Web Page: Note client's client "Looks good, seriously. Thank you!" --- I will send you more pages over the next day or two for the new website.

- Green Products: Hey David - our client said this "Give your writer an A+ for this blog! Good to go!" - Great job!

- Outdoor/Recreation: Great work David. You are making my life easier! Always appreciate the work. I have another article I've put up that no one's picked up I think. Let me know if you're up for it.

- Agriculture: Excellent blog. I'm looking forward to reading more about insects and how they can help market farmers.

- Green Products: Hi David: From my client..."I love the opening paragraph! Never seen it put so eloquently. Print this!" :-) Have a great day! - Kevin

- Travel: Excellent work! Thank you for your revisions and your patience. Your additions were very valuable and we appreciate the extra effort. Hope to work with you again. If you have any other suggestions about our content order process, please let us know. Thanks.

- Nutrition: Nice job. Good grasp of the subject with a nice approach to the topic as it relates to the client.

- Nutrition: Great save. The client wanted the blog even though the topic was a month a late. Creative way of delivering the content. Kudos.

- Business: Well developed business plan, Somehow David knew what I had in mine and more. This is my 6th projects David has done and Job well done.

- Outdoor recreation: David excellent job! I can not find anything to change. Hoping you are up for future work. I really enjoy your writing style. Thanks again!

- Pets: Your content brings a smile to my face every time! It's exactly what I had in mind and you put it into words that average readers can understand easily in a convincing way.

- Pets: Wow! You nailed it. Job well done, and exactly what I was looking for, simple and straight to the point. What more can I say? Amazing !and thank you so much for taking the time to do my project.

- Marketing Branding: Super insightful.. and really great strategic mind

- Kids/Family: You nailed it!! Thank you so much! I love the way you made it feel inviting, personal and conversation like. I used a lower star writer for my home page and I would like for you to rewrite it. It's short... 300 words or so. I'll put the order through now.

- Business White Paper: David this is wonderful! Thank you so much. We will definitely add you to our LOVE LIST! :)

- Marketing: Thank you, David for your patience and attention to my project!

- Outdoor Living: Awesome! I'm putting through the other 10 Top 10 lists now this was perfect!!!!

-Nutrition: Since I first read your writer's profile, this is the blog that I've been anticipating. It highlights your talent. I only changed one word. In the second sentence, I replaced "chemical" with "nutritional". I understand what you were going for but this particular client is all about NATURAL.. although they have plenty of chemicals in the weight loss products they sell. This is my 40th year as an editor (and "a whenever I have time" writer) and I truly appreciate your taking these assignments.

- Green Living: Well written, thank you. Nice external linking too.

- Agriculture: Another great blog! Thanks, David!

ABOUT DAVID S Writer 2048

David has a healthcare background and a rich outdoor living lifestyle. He is passionate about sustainable food production, healthy living, and philosophies such as farm-to-table. He writes on topics that involve:

- Outdoor living
- Construction
- Home living
- Green living
- Nutrition
- Home living, and
- Agriculture
Web Page
Green Products
Blog Post
7 More


Blog posts, articles, and eBooks are what David specializes in producing.


David is an avid outdoors sportsmen with a deep sense of self-preservation. He loves gardening, agriculture, fishing, and exploring the natural world. He is also vastly interested in e-Commerce, social media-SEO-ABM marketing, and owns a successful e-business that takes up most of his time. His education includes a deep biological background including entomology and botany as well as business management and marketing.


University of Phoenix

He received his BS in Business Administration and worked until 2010 managing medical offices. He left mainstream business in January of 2010 to write full time. He is very happy as a writer.

Sacramento City College

He decided in 2012 to go back to school to obtain a Masters Degree in Entomology, and to continue his life-long love of the study of insects. His goals are to continue to write and grow as a human both in educational and in experience. He will transfer to UC Davis in the Spring of 2014. He hopes to teach as a hobby after retirement.


1,972 Projects Completed

Davids long career, education, and life experience give him the experience to produce content on many topics and across many industries. David has sold more than two million words and 5,000 articles at WriterAccess. He writes articles, blogs, white papers, eBooks, and more. One of Davids greatest assets is his willingness to help clients navigate the WA system. He also helps with content development and ideation. If you need a talented writer to produce readable and enjoyable content, then David is the writer for you.


1,443 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

David has over 29-years of healthcare experience and has written over a thousand articles on healthcare. His vast experience helps him create deep and exciting content for clients. He successfully writes on the topics of:
Human disease
Emerging trends in healthcare
Medical-legal issues/relationships

More specific topics include:
Pain management
Alternative treatment
Substance Abuse and Treatment
Holistic Healthcare
New Procedures in Surgery
Tips on Talking to Your Doctor and Surgeon
The Healthcare Process
And more.

David has worked at big-name hospitals, such as Stanford Medical Center, smaller hospitals, and smaller private practices. He spent 15 years in direct patient care positions, and the remainder of his career, David worked in hospital administration.

Over his career, David worked in nearly every department within healthcare including:

He understands that requirements needed to deliver effective care and the challenges that go along with maintaining high patient care standards. David is also very familiar with the challenges that managers go through to recruit qualified staff.


1,352 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

David has written many articles and blogs on outdoor recreation. They have ranged from the benefits or outdoor recreation to how-to articles for camping, hiking, outdoor photography, fishing, and hunting.

He is an avid outdoorsman. He grew up in the country hunting, fishing, and horseback riding. His current hobbies include insect collecting (entomology-for scientific purposes,) and exploring. He has camped throughout California, into Oregon, and parts of Washington. He travels frequently to places such as Alaska to fish.

He understands gear, the how-to part of outdoor adventuring and environment. Those are tools her brings to content creation – a voice that shows you why and how rather than just tells you.


982 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

David grew up in a fishing and farming family. He has 40+ years of experience in gardening, horticulture, and community-based farming/gardening. He has experience in forest and land management and alternative forms of farming, such as no-till. He was active in 4-H and has won awards in horticulture. He writing catalog includes 800 plus articles and blogs on farming, agriculture, modern farming topics including:

Pest Management
Technology for Farming
Pesticides, Fungicides, and Herbicides
Organic Farming
Old-world Farming
Small Production Farming
Soil Health
Soil Regeneration
Crop Rotation
Cover Crops
Nitrogen Fixing Plants
Water Conservation
Drought Tolerant Crops
And more.

Currently, he lives on ten acres in the heart of an agriculture community. His neighbors include nurseries, farmers, vineyards, and legal cannabis farms. He has a science background that includes entomology, environmental biology, ecology, botany, and chemistry.

Agriculture Pest Management

Pest Identification by Sight and Plant Damage.
Biological Control Species
Beneficial Insect Species
Methods that help beneficial species thrive while decreasing populations of pests.
Chemical and Organic Pesticides
Bee Keeping
Managing Pollinators

He has written thousands of articles on topics such as:

Organic Gardening
Pest management
Plant Selection
Garden Design
Vertical Gardening
Gardening with Kids
Local Agriculture
Big Farm Agriculture
Monoculture Farming
Sustainable Farming and Agriculture
Farmers Markets
Organic Farming
Organic Meat Production
Poultry Management
Beef Cattle, Bison, and Emu Production

David's vast experience in ag and food production brings value to his clients. If you need content that is fresh, organic, and pleasing to the senses then send David a message and talk about the goals of your content. He works with clients every day to develop content that works for their audience.


857 Projects Completed

David is passionate about food production and the art of from garden-to-table. He writes about emerging trends in food and how-to articles for growing, cooking, and enjoying good food. He currently writes for an online publication on topics about cooking, recipes, nutrition, food storage, and food preservation.


786 Projects Completed

David writes marketing content for a variety of clients. He focuses on small business marketing but has written for giants.

He works with and understands — the sales cycle, buyer persona, branding, strategic marketing, and planning.

He pairs this knowledge with web design, SEO, SERP, internet ads and PLAs.

David produces marketing content that is usable, engaging, and helpful to your strategy and the reader.

Home Living

618 Projects Completed

David writes a great deal about home living. His projects range from how-to tips on decoration and the use of color and texture to landscape design and the comfort of creating a nest-like atmosphere.

David's favorite place in the world is his home. He has a vast knowledge of antiques, art, and deep love of cooking. He likes to entertain and is the master of small parties and intimate dinners. They say home is where the heart is and they happen to be correct. Topics that he writes about include:

-Natural Stone Flooring
-Hardwood Flooring
-Indoor Air Pollution - causes, fixes, and flooring
-Remodel projects
-Real Estate value through home improvement
-Design, color, and the use of textiles to improve living spaces
-Outdoor Living areas - How to expand your home by using your yard
-Hobby rooms

Green Living

432 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

David's education is in biology with an emphasis in entomology, environmental biology, and restorative ecology. He works on projects within the private sector that involve the EPA, State Water Resource Board, Dept of Fish and Game, and a few non-profits. He understands renewable energy, renewable resources, and the concepts that involve green living.

Green Services

406 Projects Completed

David writes a great deal on environmental topics such as green services, green living, and environmental conservation. He is a student of entomology excitingly working on several research projects that involve insects. He is an avid outdoors man in the style of the old naturalists. He is a very malleable writer who applies his life experience and eduction to topics that he chooses to write about. If you are interested in solar projects, GMO food, sustainable resources, peak resources, and other topics for blogs or articles, David is the guy to ask.


402 Projects Completed

David has written hundreds of gardening articles. Those include:
How-to-garden topics
Tricks for growing difficult plants
Pest management
Soil health
Articles directed towards beginning gardeners
Tips on growing vegetables to save money
The organic gardening process
How to amend soil
How to evaluate crop issues
Organic pest control
How to garden with children.

David has been an organic gardener for over 30 years. He grows 60-70 percent of what he consumes. David also studies botany and entomology. He is also in the process of obtaining a Masters Gardeners Certificate through UC Davis.

In addition to gardening, David writes on topics of agriculture, irrigation, food, and nutrition. He is a champion of the concept of from farm-to-table.

Green Products

326 Projects Completed

He has written many blog posts mostly about small business and their needs. He maintains three personal blogs on the topics of Insects, fish and pets, and social ecology issues on a local basis. He is also a member of several blogging networks that focus on children, humor, and home living. His education is in Biology with an emphasis on entomology, ecology, and environmental biology, all of which he applies to green living and green products.


210 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

David has an educational background in Biology, Environmental Biology, and Restorative Ecology. His primary interests include entomology, chemical prospecting, geology, restorative ecology, medical entomology, natural resources, and renewable resources. He maintains blogs on insects, organic gardening, and local social ecology issues.

He is also part of three research projects. These involve tracking and collecting data on specific species of wasp. Quantitative and qualitative data collection and interpretation are also part of these projects. He is in the second year of building an entomological catalog for the American River Parkway Foundation. He has an educational background in Biology with an emphasis on Entomology and Environmental Biology, including Restorative Ecology. His minor is in Geology with emphasis on geologic structures, mineralogy, and historical aspects of geology. David loves the relationships that exist between biology and geology.

David puts his education to use for various clients. He produces articles and blogs for natural resource management that include geological research. He writes biological related content for clients in the agriculture, pest management, and sustainable industries. These include energy related articles about new technology, innovations, and even basic articles for people wanting a simpler solar lifestyle.

Blog Post

3,676 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

He has written thousands of blog posts mostly about small business and their needs. He maintains three personal blogs on the topics of Insects, fish and pets, and social ecology issues on a local basis. He is also a member of several blogging networks that focus on children, humor, and home living. His education is in Biology with an emphasis on entomology, ecology, and environmental biology, all of which he applies to green living and green products.


2,761 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

He has spent the last five years developing his craft. He enjoys writing and working on projects for other people. He has embraced the changes within internet marketing and has found a niche in developing rich topic content for business sites. He has successfully written articles for clients around the world and looks forward to continuing to build those global relationships.

Web Page

1,268 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

David produces copy for clients who want landing pages, web content, and other structural content for websites. He uses a clear and distinctive tone that leads viewers along the path of the clients choosing. His content helps move viewers along the SEO cycle where eventually that may become customers.


33 Projects Completed

David is a professional freelance writer. He produces ghostwritten content for clients just like you. He specializes in the creation of blog, article, web page, and eBook production.

As someone who is a veteran of the freelance world, David understands the need for excellent content. He is familiar with the SEO product cycle and writes content that appeals to the target audience. He is a writer who does not mind helping with content development such as blog ideas, how-to articles, or web page content that is specific to your business.
David works with the following Industries, though has written eBooks on most subjects.

• Outdoor Living – David writes about outdoor living spaces such as outdoor fireplaces, water features, and Zen gardens.

• Outdoor Adventures — David writes about camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, and outdoor destinations such as specific rivers or national parks.

• Fishing — David is an avid fisherman and writes about fly fishing, fishing in Alaska, charter fishing, salmon fishing, steelhead fishing, fishing for trout, bass, and saltwater fishing

• Home Living — David writes design and home improvement articles that range from paint selection to how-to guides for installing vinyl plank flooring. He has a deep understanding of HVACs and green home technology

• Green Living — David’s life is all about green living. He writes about green products, how-to blogs and articles about making lifestyle changes, and decreasing energy usage, organic gardening, etc.

• Pest Control — David studied entomology and understands insects and pests. He writes detailed pest control articles that go beyond the standard “How to Spray for Ants” type articles that you see on every pest control page. He produces pest control content that stands out and that readers can relate too.

• Garden, Landscape, and Organic Gardening — David is a life-long gardener. He has a deep understanding of plants, growing, and food production. He produces easy to comprehend blogs and articles that inspire people to grow their own food.

• Agriculture — David has a farming background. He writes content for the small and medium-sized farmer, market farms, and flower farms. His articles range from seed selection to watering to pest management.


28 Projects Completed

David recently completed several projects as a ghost writer for several ebooks, and a print book. These projects included editing and paragraph building and supplemented the authors own work.

David is also in the process of writing a novel for kindle. That is a project that he works on in his spare time. If you are a client that needs help with your project, David is very open to discussing the project to see if there is compatibility.

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