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Justin S
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Lake Stevens, WA
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During his career Justin has written about many topics in a wide range of fields.

Currently he is the internal communications specialist at the delivery center of a large aerospace company.

As such, Justin is responsible for all internal content creation, writing, editing and distribution of the weekly newsletter, manager news and other communications vehicles to internal audiences.

He crafts leadership and executive communications regarding important news, events and initiatives. Additionally Justin creates, manages and updates written and graphical content for the delivery center internal website and building video displays. He also writes articles for the company's internal news service that reaches employees globally.

Justin's writing career began with broadcast news stories for the local public radio station 90.3 KCMU (now KEXP). After joining a global advertising and public relations firm, he wrote press releases and informational pieces for various clients.
Newsletter Content


One of Justin's specialties is taking complex source material and transforming it into concise, understandable material for broad audiences. Aerospace engineering and process changes require clear messaging with easily understandable actions or requirements for the intended audience.

This translates into other business fields where complex ideas must be simplified for easy consumption and understanding by audiences large or small.


Justin is a sci-fi and aviation enthusiast. Working at a large commercial airplane manufacturer, he watches airplanes from the past and present fly every day. He loves distance running, movies, playing HALO, VW GTI's, and military history, though not necessarily in that order.

Justin is also an independently published science fiction writer. The works of Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, Herbert and Tolkien have all made their influence in one way, shape or form on his writing. "Cerulean Rising: Beginnings" is his first self-published novella, followed by the sequel, "Cerulean Rising: Evolutions." Additionally, he contributes monthly science fiction short stories to the Science Fiction Microcontest on goodreads.com and critiques stories from other contributors.


University of Washington

Justin majored in communications during his undergraduate career in Seattle, WA. Relevant experience included:

Writing broadcast news stories for 90.3 KCMU newscasts (now KEXP), on-air experience as a music host and station volunteer at same, broadcast intern at 103.7 KMTT (formerly The Mountain) and course work in television writing, editing and filming.

University of Phoenix

Justin's coursework during the MBA program covered everything from finance and accounting to marketing, communications, business plan development and statistics.

This further developed his writing skills across a broad range of topics in an academic environment. The MBA program also expanded his ability to collaborate with other writing contributors, then synthesize their efforts into a unified deliverable.

Norwich University

Justin completed one of three program semesters until employer education funding priorities changed.

Writing experience included short essays and long research papers about military history, with a final project score of 300 out of 300 possible points.


224 Projects Completed

For the past four years, Justin has been the internal communications specialist at the delivery center of a large aerospace manufacturer. Writing projects include the weekly internal newsletter, executive messaging, highly tailored messages to specialized audiences, broad informational pieces, employee interview articles, safety notices, articles for the internal corporate news service and detailed “how to” instructional pieces.


20 Projects Completed

Justin regularly submits articles to the internal corporate news service where he works. These stories reach an international employee base. There are strict editorial guidelines that must be followed concerning article length, style, voice and content. These articles highlight many different topics, including new cost saving procedures or materials, employee sponsored improvements, technological advancements and customer feedback.

Newsletter Content

200 Projects Completed

In his current role, Justin is responsible for the weekly newsletter. Sometimes he is sent content, and sometimes he must play the role of a reporter and find relevant news through his contacts or by attending various meetings. As the gatekeeper for what gets published, Justin prioritizes information by reviewing how closely it aligns to overall management business goals and objectives.


3 Projects Completed

Justin is a self-published author with two science fiction novellas currently available in e-book format with a third under development. Additionally, he contributes monthly science fiction short stories on the goodreads.com Science Fiction Microstory contest forum. Three of Justin's stories from 2016 are being included in an annual release of short fiction titled "Science Fiction In A Flash: 2016."

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