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Emily worked for a large corporation for several years as a web content writer. More specifically and most often, she wrote legal blog posts for clients across the country. For some time, she worked as a reviewer of online content, ensuring the quality and accuracy of live blogs.

If you choose her to work with you, she can follow writing instructions easily, finish work quickly, understand and abide by SEO strategy guidelines and create engaging, clear content. You will not be left scratching your head or telling horror stories about the confusing content you received back from your vendor writer. She will become a source of reliable content creation and work relief to you.
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Legal writing. Pop culture. News content. SEO. Marketing content. Overall, I can make sense of most industry content and write appropriately for a specific audience.


Emiy still enjoys the topic of law and is happy to write about legal stories and legislative change. Due to her experience interpreting legal topics, she is confident she could effectively cover other complicated subject matter such as medical writing.

Lifestyle and family-related content would be a treat to write, and she knows she could offer an engaging voice for readers to enjoy.


St. Cloud State University

Emily's undergraduate degree is in English, and she achieved a minor in Spanish. She took her consistent, continued passion for communication and language to graduate school and earned her masters in English. Her graduate thesis project was about gender and film, specifically the value of female voices within the horror genre.


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For several years, the writer worked for a business as an internal team member. She created and reviewed social media content about legal stories throughout the country.

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For several years, the writer wrote several blog posts every day about legal issues. These posts met SEO best practices, were clean, effective and written in a timely manner.

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