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Tim's interest in writing first developed from a young age. He lightly pursued this interest throughout his pre-collegiate schooling, then ultimately decided to fully immerse himself in writing when he enrolled in college, where he majored in Game Design & Development with a specialization in Interactive Storytelling. During his time at university, he explored a number of writing courses. Due to the fact that he studied storytelling through digital games, the majority of these courses focused on either writing creatively for games or writing critically/analytically about games. His area of expertise and experience in writing lies in the games industry; however, he is flexible and fully capable of writing on a variety of other subjects.
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Writing about video games
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Video games
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Southern New Hampshire University

Tim studied Game Design & Development at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), specifically specializing in Interactive Storytelling. In his writing courses, he explored the elements that make up a story, such as character development, world building, and story arc styles and progression. The courses he took include creative writing, interactive storytelling, world-building for games, intro to critical game studies, psychology of video games, and history of games. Each of these courses offered unique experiences to teach new writing methods or reinforce old ones. They taught both how to write creatively and analytically.


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Tim has tackled a plethora of writing projects covering various topics within the games industry. Such projects include, but are not limited to, analytical breakdowns, case studies, world designs, and character narrative designs. Tim has a diverse scope of experience in this industry and his skill set is useful in a wide variety of projects and situations. Through his years of work, Tim has honed his writing abilities while also exploring different styles of writing and expanding upon his capabilities. He makes use of critical thinking to break down, appreciate, and learn from the works of great writers and creators, as he ventures to enhance himself creatively and analytically. He welcomes new challenges and experiences to aid in this pursuit.

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0 Projects Completed

Tim has written a series of blog posts, all focused on the topic of digital games. These are semi-formal discussion pieces designed to explore the subject of games in an intellectual environment. These posts cover a variety of topics, such as the appearance of controversial tropes in games, the prevalence of materialism in games, differing modes of storytelling in games, among others.

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