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Lee H
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Why will Lee's writing meet or exceed your (and search engines') expectations for high quality and compelling content?

This is a writer who devotes time to research, and to think as well as compose. Lee believes what's said on a blog, in a newsletter or white paper—even a tweet—should elevate human dialogue.

Whether it's bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, or other fintech matters; whether it's green services, education, or immigration law you're addressing, Lee will contribute to the innovative thinking that already sets you apart.

Having earned two law degrees, Lee is a lawyer admitted to the Maryland Bar — with impeccable standing, and in active status. With a style ranging from informative to policy-shifting, Lee's writing suits a diverse legal and marketing clientele.

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Law: ethics, environmental law, immigration law. Higher education, online legal education. Nonprofit communications. Climate and sustainability. Blockchain: smart contracts, food safety, supply chain integrity; energy use in bitcoin mining. CBD: Industrial hemp as an agricultural product and a research area.

Topics Lee is handling this week: Spread of coronavirus. Stock market response to international health issues. Climate and investing. Wills, estates & trusts. DC's minimum wage increase and paid parental leave. Laws on divulging salary histories. California online privacy law. Anti-discrimination law, barring black hairstyle restrictions. Cannnabis law and economics. Plastic bag bans. Illinois law requiring customer permission before DNA-collection businesses can share personal data with insurance firms. State and federal minimum wage laws. Florida’s prohibition on driving with smartphones. Fees for registering electric cars. Laws on informing customers about security breaches. Red flag gun laws.


Cats, kombucha, and trophic cascades. More to the point, Lee's interested in your SEO. The default approach? Tactical keywords use, applying the core SEO term 2-4 times, possibly including it in an H2 header. Then, throughout the text, synonyms and other, closely related terms in natural language for the long-tail keyword effect. All blended into stylish and share-worthy writing. As one current client observes, this is especially vital if your competitors are well established, “and they have deeper Adwords pockets!”


University of Maryland School of Law

Lee focused on international law, administrative law, immigration law, and constitutional law, and served two terms as a student clerk for a Baltimore Immigration Judge. Lee embarked upon a multi-year independent study that culminated in a constitutional law review article cited by Cass R. Sunstein and Martha C. Nussbaum.

Vermont Law School

Lee earned a specialist's degree in environmental law at the leading law school in the field, studying under professors of law, economics, and science. Lee's LL.M. thesis is published in the Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation (2015).


173 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

The excellence of Lee's legal writing finds support in the strongest educational credentials you'll find: few legal writers hold both a Master of Laws (LL.M.) and a Juris Doctorate (J.D.). Lee is an adjunct professor (immigration law; legal studies; environmental law) and the developer of several courses for curricula approved by the American Bar Association. Online or hybrid courses created include Environmental Law, Business Organizations, Legal Ethics, Contracts, Immigration Law, and White-Collar Crime.

Immigration Law: Lee has experience drafting legal briefs in the immigration sphere, and has written successful special-category immigration cover letters (National Interest Waiver, Outstanding Researcher, etc.) for firms. Lee can examine any legal issue, service, or case and summarize it in plain language for potential clients who look to your website for guidance and hope.

Environmental Law: Lee has written press releases on litigation outcomes and guides to living with urban wildlife for the nonprofit sector, and has penned columns on the carbon market, national park management, endangered species, and other environmental news and politics as a Contributing Editor of an online news and environment journal.


156 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Lee has written pieces on the intersection of education, economics, and politics. Lee's writing on higher education has appeared in U.S. online media and for The Guardian — one of the world's top five most widely read online newspapers.

Lee has also created legal studies courses for online university instruction. Writing-enriched courses created by Lee include Environmental Law, Business Organizations, Legal Ethics, Contracts, Immigration Law, and White-Collar Crime.


20 Projects Completed

Lee has written at the nexus of green tech and finance. With an advanced degree addressing risk, climate, law, and economics, Lee is equipped to write elegantly at this intersection, and has produced articles on solar energy and the concept of stranded assets - fossil fuels that would take the global community over its carbon budget.

Green Living

5 Projects Completed

Lee has written for web-based publications including One Green Planet, CounterPunch, and Alternet. Lee's work on green living explores topics from the surprising impacts of owning reusable chopsticks to how individuals and communities can strive for authentic sustainability.

Lee holds an environmental law degree and has taught environmental law and ethics classes for undergrads, and has published both creative and nonfiction pieces on our relationships with nature and animals. Lee has also published product reviews for organic and fair-trade chocolate products in nonprofit magazines and online publications. Whether you are developing a sustainability position paper or marketing the latest vegan innovation, Lee offers the work of a leader in the area.

Blog Post

950 Projects Completed

Lee hosts three blogs, and writes for several others. Topics include non-profit management, higher education, finance, environmental law and policy, gender studies...and, on the lighter side, everything from word origins to historical explorations of food and drink.


105 Projects Completed

Lee has written creative pieces and nonfiction articles for a wide variety of publications, both traditional and online. Here is a brief excerpt from an article Lee published in Legal Times, a leading publication on law for the layperson.

Newsletter Content

57 Projects Completed

Lee's writing appears in the Winter/Spring 2016-2017 issue of the newsletter of the Animal Law Committee of the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section, American Bar Association. And for many years, Lee served as the main writer for the newsletter published by a wildlife rehabilitators' group in San Antonio, Texas.

Press Release

32 Projects Completed

Lee has many years of experience drafting press releases for a nonprofit corporation — to publicize successful petitions for federal listings of endangered species, announce media appearances by key staffers, and to launch books, mergers, and major projects.

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