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Kathy C. is a freelance writer specializing in satire, health and scientific articles. Her work has appeared on LifeStyleBody and Bestification websites and she spent 3 years as a print newspaper columnist. Kathy also manages her own website featuring articles on everything from serious social and medical issues to the silly and bizarre. She loves to learn new things and researching her projects quenches that thirst.

She has experience in the security industry, veterinary medicine, espresso, computer hardware and software, photography, accounting, and management. Psychology is currently the focus of her leisure reading. Kathy believes that it is better to know a good deal about many things than to know everything about just one thing.
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Medical, Medical Research, Science, Psychology, Satire


Psychology, Photography, Parenting, Veterinary Science,


Tennessee College of Applied Technology

This course covers basic personal computer components and software and certification in Microsoft Office '97. Some very basic networking is incorporated. Students build a computer system from the ground-up following specified needs of a given user. That computer is then connected to the class network and software is installed.

International Association of Professional Writers and Editors

Completed the vetting process to earn my certification as a professional writer and editor.

eMarketing Institute

Completed courses and examinations to become certified in affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO and content marketing.


45 Projects Completed

Kathy primarily writes medical related articles in her work. She has written and researched extensively on topics ranging from common skin conditions to advancements in treatments for more serious conditions. She particularly enjoys researching these articles and the ability to pass on this type of critical information to others.


29 Projects Completed

Kathy writes on the topic of science quite often and has written about everything from simple science experiments that children can do in school, to highly technical advances made in the research of DNA and stem cells. The research aspect of these pieces is particularly appealing to her, making this a primary topic in her work.


14 Projects Completed

Kathy has previous experience as a veterinary assistant in a busy animal hospital. Her experience includes various areas of the facility including the laboratory, treatment area, surgery and assisting with the emotional needs of pet owners. She has an interest in exotic pets as well as exotic animals that are not generally kept as pets.

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93 Projects Completed

Kathy has vast experience in writing blog posts. She has written on various topics including entertainment, shopping, automobile sales, agriculture, pets and many more. The majority of these posts have specific guidelines for keywords and links that are to be used. These posts have been written in the style of the specific customer blog and are generally written in conversational or authoritative tone.


92 Projects Completed

Kathy has written articles on a wide range of topics, from computer cases to scientific breakthroughs. She has written articles on agriculture as well as the reasons a cleaning service is needed for a home even after a small fire. Articles on the homeless population and various mental illnesses are also in her resume.

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