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Tisha is a client-focused web copywriter and former travel agent with a Bachelor's degree in Theater History. She has been creating web-based presentations and writing online content since 2007. She has written for clients across a wide range of industries including Wall Street financial institutions and Los Angeles movie studios. Tisha holds a certification in clinical hypnotherapy and is currently working towards her doctoral degree in humanistic psychology.

Adept at writing conversationally and authentically capturing her clients' unique voices, Tisha's clients are quick to express their appreciation of her work. In the words of one of her Writer's Access clients, Tisha has "Exceptional writing ability! I'm very happy with [the] content." Other WA client comments include:

"Nice job on this Tisha, and thank you for the timely turnaround!"

"Thanks sooooo much! Excellent content and appreciate you taking this one. I will leave a good review and give you a little extra for this post."

"I have just added a $5 bonus to the order for your time and consideration. I will definitely use you again in the future."

"Well done Tisha. Nice article! I will be sure to use your services again."

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Tisha's primary writing niches are:
Personal development
Hypnotherapy (quitting smoking, weight loss, test anxiety, pain management,etc.)
Humanistic psychology
Behavioral therapy
Mind/Body wellness
Family Lifestyle
Inspirational & Self-help
Home-based business
Blogging & Making Money Online


When she's not working, Tisha enjoys traveling with her family, reading biographies of historical figures, playing board games and watching classic horror films.


Hunter College, City University of New York

Tisha attended Hunter College in New York City, where she earned a bachelor's degree in Theater History. After working in New York for more than 10 years as an actress and musical theater performer, Tisha relocated to Los Angeles, where she now lives with her husband and two daughters.

Hypnosis Motivation Institute

Tisha is a certified clinical hypnotherapist who graduated from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, America's first hypnotherapy training school to become nationally accredited and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. After practicing hypnotherapy for two years in her home-based business, Tisha recently made the decision to return to school once again, this time enrolling in Pre-med classes with the goal of eventually applying to medical school.


300 Projects Completed

In addition to beginning a career as a web content writer in 2007, Tisha also studied at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, California and became a certified hypnotherapist. Over the years, she has written extensively about changing negative habits and emotional triggers through subconscious programming. She specifically enjoys reading and researching issues relating to health, wellness and successfully balancing work and family life. Her articles on hypnotherapy, holistic health and green living have appeared on a variety of sites around the web.

Self Help

300 Projects Completed

Tisha is a certified hypnotherapist and as such, has written many detailed articles, papers and profiles on how our own minds, if channeled correctly, can create life-altering changes in our daily existence. She is passionate about and committed to helping people understand that although they can’t always change the outcome of a situation, they always have the power to react to circumstances in a way that enhances their life.


102 Projects Completed

Tisha is an award-winning family-lifestyle blogger who has been features on CBS-TV's "The Talk" and featured in a best-selling book about mom influencers. Her former blog chronicled her life as a work-from-home mom and offered tips on juggling work and family life. She has also written about family and parenting matters for a variety of high profile women's magazines.


50 Projects Completed

Tisha is passionate about empowering women and helping them make the most of their talents through self-development and entrepreneurship. For two years, she hosted a popular Blog Talk Radio show, called Find Your Spark which helped women overcome personal obstacles, identify their true talents and learn how to start their own businesses.

Green Living

50 Projects Completed

Tisha has written a number of health and wellness articles for clients, here at WA as well as for small local businesses in Southern California, where she resided for 12 years. Many of those articles focus on green living and teaching children to become more eco-friendly in their daily lives. She is very interested in environmental and social issues and would like to learn and write more about them.


41 Projects Completed

As a previous small business owner, Tisha has written many articles, as well as an ebook detailing various aspects of starting a home-based business and being a parent who works from home. She enjoys helping new businesses understand how to market their products and services, especially online, as that's an area which can be a bit intimidating for people who've never done it before. Illustrating the differences between online and offline marketing, and the benefits of each, is a topic she has revisited often with local business clients.


27 Projects Completed

As a former Los Angeles resident and mom blogger, Tisha has written quite a bit about entertainment, in the form of movie reviews, celebrity interviews and providing editorial coverage and social media support for movie premieres and theme park events. She enjoys reading, doing research, visiting new places and participating in fun recreational activities. She has profiled many family-friendly products and entertainment venues all around the country.


25 Projects Completed

As a former actress, singer, theater producer and flight attendant, Tisha has traveled to, lived and worked in many American cities, the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii and several European countries. She immensely enjoys the excitement of visiting different cultures and meeting people from all walks of life.

She has also written several articles highlighting popular U.S. travel destinations and local tourist attractions, both for her blog and for her copywriting clients.


20 Projects Completed

As a blogger, Tisha has written for many websites around the web, often on topics dealing with building healthy relationships and learning how to repair dysfunctional relationships. Her specialty, however, is parenting in a conscious way, juggling marriage and family and self development.

Blog Post

1,575 Projects Completed

Tisha has been working from home as a freelance writer since 2007, and has written hundreds of articles for clients ranging from blog posts, web pages, press releases and advertising copy. She enjoys doing online research and learning something new every day through her work. She loves the challenge of coming up with creative ways to express the ideas, products, and services that she is asked to write about by her clients.


405 Projects Completed

As a Blogger and Copywriter, Tisha has written hundreds of articles over the past several years for a variety of clients and topics. She is able to write flexibly according to client needs and she is experienced at writing and editing for quick turnarounds required by tight project deadlines.

Web Page

295 Projects Completed

Tisha has written content for web pages, blogs, sales pages, newsletters and more.She has several years experience creating content to help businesses increase their online presence through social media, content marketing and search engine optimization.


100 Projects Completed

Tisha is an experienced SEO content writer and has written many advertisements, tag lines and articles containing advertorial content. She has written for small businesses, large corporations as well as for her own mom-focused blog and related affiliate programs.

Email Copy

74 Projects Completed

In addition to creating email copy to help market her own copywriting business and blog, Tisha has worked at CB Richard Ellis Real Estate Investors and The Capital Group, assisting high level company executives with email correspondence, schedule maintenance and more.

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