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Jon S
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Joined 3/3/2017
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If you’re looking to put some daylight between you
and your competition, you’ve come to the right

That would be Jon S.

Jon is an advertising copywriter and creative director
with more than thirty years experience at some of New
York’s best ad agencies and as head of his own creative
services shop.

He’s worked with such clients as CNN, IBM, Jaguar Cars,
Merrill Lynch, Pfizer, Samsung, the U.S. Army, Volvo and
The Wall Street Journal.

While many of Jon’s ads have won awards, he takes greater
pride in what those ads and commercials have created for
his clients.

A competitive edge.

If that sounds like something you could use, please read on.

Let’s say you need something other than a print ad or a
radio or TV commercial. No problem. Jon also does a nice
job with articles, blogs, brochures, direct mail packages,
editorial material, landing pages, online sales letters, press
releases and websites.

Which isn’t so surprising when you learn that he’s been a
newspaper reporter, a public relations practitioner and a
magazine editor in addition to authoring a number of
short stories and a best-selling children’s book.

In short, Jon is one of those writers who can write just
about anything. And one of the few who can build in a
competitive advantage for his clients in just about
everything he writes.

Why not find out what Jon S. can do for you?
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