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Creative professional with 4 years of experience in supporting and executing marketing efforts, development, strategies, and plans to increase market awareness and direct marketing endeavors. Experienced in creating marketing plans and establishing brand identity to achieve the greatest number of sales in the marketplace. Strong multi-tasking abilities, and ability to thrive in a fast paced environment. Proficient use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Publisher, Salesforce, and MRI.
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marketing, property management, real estate, management, business, career growth


career growth, real estate, management, business


University of Washington

Rebekah earned her bachelors degree in Business Administration in 2009. She focused on marketing and management while completing her education.


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Rebekah is the lead writer on a career blog. Rebekah provides tips, and encourage her readers who strive to grow their business and careers. Rebekah provides insights to her readers based on her past experience working in various different corporate positions. In addition to her site, Rebekah works for various content brokers. She shares her business insights to help companies flourish.


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Rebekah's writing brought her success working in property management as well. As property manager, one of her roles was to increase occupancy within a building. One way Rebekah would do this was by making brochures and marketing material for prospects. This would entice and encourage prospects to sign a lease at the property.

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Rebekah enjoys helping her readers growth their businesses and careers.She is a firm believer that management sets the tone of any business. Management can make or break a business, thus it has commanded a substantial amount of attention on her site.

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