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Chandi wants your company to grow and expand because all entrepreneurs and small business owners deserve a big voice. If you have a unique voice, but need some help with the written word, she's your girl.

Chandi is a magician when it comes to mimicking the tone and personality that clients are seeking. She will get to know you, your goals, your quirks and your character. Once you've established a foundation of trust, you can be certain that she will create exactly what your business needs (even if you don’t know what it needs yet).

Maybe you’re an introvert like Chandi, and talking on the phone makes you a little nervous. That’s okay! After all, that is an important part of your authentic personality. Fortunately, one of her superpowers is making others feel comfortable and confident.
She is an entrepreneur like many of her clients. She understand the concerns and frustrations of running a business. She will take away some of that stress by being there when you need her, and gone when you don't. She works independently so you won't need to worry about extra resources for new employees.

Chandi was born with three superpowers: writing, correcting grammar, and making people happy. As a freelance writer and editor, she is able to combine her passions to help people every day.

After graduating with a BA in English, Chandi went on to get her Certificate of Editing from the University of Chicago. Her love for dogs led her into writing for non-profit animal sanctuaries on a volunteer basis. This work is near and dear to her heart. Eventually, she decided to leave the corporate world and pursue her desire to be her own boss. She loves the work that she does, and it shows in every project she is a part of.
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Corporate Communications, writing and editing fiction and blog content, ghostwriting, soft skills, training materials, professional bios, corporate speeches


Writing, pop culture, makeup, skincare, haircare, fashion trends, books, television, movies


Columbia College

Chandi completed her BA in English in 2016 with a 4.0 GPA. She graduated with a minor in Literature and Creative Writing.


30 Projects Completed

Chandi frequently writes corporate policies for a large manufacturing and logistics company. She also develops and distributes corporate and regional communications such as associate relations newsletters, upper-management speeches, marketing material for my classes, and informational memos sent to over 7000 associates across the US.


6 Projects Completed

Chandi currently writes for a lifestyle blog in which she explores fiction writing and research-based lifestyle information. She writes with a sense of humor and enjoys the freedom she has to create content of her choosing.


3 Projects Completed

Chandi frequently writes with a humorous tone and personality. Many of her blogs are filled with wit and her unique brand of quirk. She is an expert in the customer service and human resources field.

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9 Projects Completed

Chandi can write blogs in any style. She is adept at understanding the language and personality needed to generate the largest impact. She has written hundreds of personal blog posts, and dozens of blogs for other companies.


5 Projects Completed

Chandi has written copy for a number of tri fold brochures. She has worked with wedding planners, photographers, a tech support company, and a coffee shop. She enjoys writing copy for brochures and creating taglines.


4 Projects Completed

Chandi enjoys writing long form articles, and has created several for local startup companies in her area. She infuses humor when needed, along with well crafted and well researched information.

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