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Ryan M
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San Diego, CA
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Ryan has written extensively in the personal development space for 3+ years. He has written and edited blog, email, and lead magnet content on many topics including personal development, financial success, investing, business success, leadership, entrepreneurship, the law of attraction, public speaking, book writing, and more.
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Ryan's specialties include:
-ideo scripts
-Business copywriting
-General articles
-Creative writing
-Editing and content management

Topics and industries Ryan has written on:
-Personal development
-The law of attraction
-Public speaking
-Book writing
-General marketing


Ryan's personal interests include all things marketing, personal development, and SEO. In his free time, Ryan enjoys attending music festivals, gaming, craft beer, and browsing the latest tech and fashion news.


California State University Fresno

Ryan attended college at Fresno State University. He's taken classes in economics, geology, photography, and music. He has taken many courses in business, journalism, and marketing and is well-rounded in his academic career.


200 Projects Completed

Ryan has written extensively in the business space for the past three years. From blogs to lead magnets to email copy, Ryan has written it. He's written dozens of articles on business topics, including:

-How to Make a Great First Impression That Everyone Remembers
-Time Management Tips To Stop Procrastinating And Get More Done
-Habits of the Most Successful People
-Cold Calling Tips to Improve Your Closing Rate
-How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

In addition to writing articles, blog posts, press releases, and other copy that appeals to consumers and helps drive sales, Ryan also specializes in optimizing content with the aim of increasing a site's ranking by search engines.


0 Projects Completed

Ryan enjoys all things marketing related. He stays current on marketing trends ranging from content, social media, paid ads, and webinars. As a result of working in the marketing industry, Ryan can write informed marketing articles based on your needs.


0 Projects Completed

Ryan lives and breathes all things music. Over his life, he's been to hundreds of live shows in many different genres. Ryan has attended over 15 music festivals in all parts of the United States. He keeps up with new releases of songs and albums from many different artists. Ryan is also a drummer in his spare time.

Ryan can provide you with album reviews, song reviews, music festival tips and tricks and more.

Blog Post

50 Projects Completed

Ryan has been blogging for the past 5 years. Currently, he blogs as a full-time career and maintains his own personal website and blog.

General blogs and "how to" articles are one of Ryan's specialties. Ryan is able to write from his own experience as well as research topics and write informed posts based on facts. Either way, Ryan's posts are easy to follow and informative.

Press Release

0 Projects Completed

Ryan has written numerous press releases for his clients on a broad variety of topics. After working in content for years, Ryan knows what makes a press release newsworthy and valuable. In addition to writing a press release in any desired tone, Ryan can help optimize your press release for SEO to help funnel your online traffic to your site.

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140 characters is all you get to say your message. Sometimes the shorter your message is, the harder it is to make it clear. Make sure that your Twitter posts spark curiosity and motivate your readers to click through.

As an active Twitter user both personally and professionally, Ryan can make sure that your Tweets stand out.

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