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Joseph H
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Joined 2/13/2017
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Joseph has been getting paid to work with words since 2011, both as a freelancer and as a full-time employee at a publishing house. Nearly 1000 projects in on WriterAccess, Joseph specializes in content areas such as consumer technology, digital software and services, B2B technology, digital marketing (inbound marketing, SEO, content marketing), real estate, home maintenance and repair, education, and music (including content for musical instrument stores and music studios). In all these areas and more, Joseph creates SEO and content marketing friendly content with a warm, approachable tone.

Far too much of tech writing sounds robotic and stiff, and it's so technical that mere mortals can't wade through it. Joseph specializes in bringing a conversational approach to tech topics, creating content that sounds like a human wrote it, not a machine.

Satisfied clients include software development companies, medical software providers, managed IT services firms, managed service providers, software startups, experiential and events IT, office technology, contractors and home maintenance companies, and marketing agencies serving clients in web development, restaurants, and retail.

As a freelancer, he's written content on demand, cleaned up and organized loose manuscript pages, ghostwritten, and performed all sorts of editing tasks. As a professional he's served as a project editor and editorial department manager at an educational publisher. His professional experience in editorial gives him the ability to craft high-quality, error-free content. His areas of knowledge and interest are diverse, including those listed here.
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