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Joseph has been getting paid to work with words since 2011, both as a freelancer and as a full-time employee at a publishing house. Nearly 1000 projects in on WriterAccess, Joseph specializes in content areas such as consumer technology, digital software and services, B2B technology, digital marketing (inbound marketing, SEO, content marketing), real estate, home maintenance and repair, education, and music (including content for musical instrument stores and music studios). In all these areas and more, Joseph creates SEO and content marketing friendly content with a warm, approachable tone.

Far too much of tech writing sounds robotic and stiff, and it's so technical that mere mortals can't wade through it. Joseph specializes in bringing a conversational approach to tech topics, creating content that sounds like a human wrote it, not a machine.

Satisfied clients include software development companies, medical software providers, managed IT services firms, managed service providers, software startups, experiential and events IT, office technology, contractors and home maintenance companies, and marketing agencies serving clients in web development, restaurants, and retail.

As a freelancer, he's written content on demand, cleaned up and organized loose manuscript pages, ghostwritten, and performed all sorts of editing tasks. As a professional he's served as a project editor and editorial department manager at an educational publisher. His professional experience in editorial gives him the ability to craft high-quality, error-free content. His areas of knowledge and interest are diverse, including those listed here.
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consumer technology, tech, gadgets, content marketing, history, editing, publishing, English, humanities, education, music, classical music, music education


language development, religion, language change, word histories, technology, gadgets, music, music composition, cars, family


Bob Jones University

Liberal-arts bachelors degree with a concentration in singing. High grades throughout the humanities, including numerous English and writing courses.

Bob Jones University

Master's degree program in church music with a dual concentration in composition and voice.


383 Projects Completed

Joseph is a life-long tech enthusiast with a broad range of interests within the field. He's written well over a hundred articles and blog posts in the managed IT services and managed service provider niche. He's quite familiar with computer hardware and software, gadgets of all sorts (especially Apple products, such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod), pro audio equipment (including some digital instruments), and more. He stays up to date on the latest developments in the field of consumer tech.


324 Projects Completed

Joseph has a knack for explaining complex things (like software) in a clear and simple way. If you're looking for someone to explain your software product to a broad audience in clear and simple language, look no further. Lengthy experience writing for an online giving and mobile giving platform, a software developer, a healthcare SaaS company, and a live events firm, among others.


219 Projects Completed

Joseph is a classically-trained musician, singer, and composer, with two degrees in music. He dabbles in guitar and bass and has played piano since kindergarten. He's written instrument and gear reviews, webpage content for music studios and private music lesson teachers, concert reviews, CD liner notes, and academic papers. He's also edited numerous concert programs and musical scores, as well as a complete hymnal.

Joseph writes well on classical/concert music, church music, and mainstream popular music. He also has significant experience reviewing instruments and gear and writing for music studios and music schools.


191 Projects Completed

Nearly 100 articles and blog posts for a single client in the managed services provider industry. Clients have ranged from those with an enterprise focus to those with a small business focus. Joseph has covered a very wide range of topics in this space.

If you need IT content, Joseph can help. Too much of IT content marketing is robotic, stiff and unreadable. Joseph brings a warm, human touch, writing tech content that mere mortals can understand and enjoy.

High Tech

140 Projects Completed

High tech can mean different things to different people, but many clients looking for a writer in this industry will be delighted by what Joseph has to offer. See the summaries of experience listed for other technology verticals/niches, or reach out directly to discuss whether Joseph is a good fit for your high tech content need.


110 Projects Completed

Drawing from his own religious background, Joseph has written content for churches, religious schools and organizations, and technology and service companies aimed at the religious market. He is most familiar with evangelical Christianity. He can craft high-quality content that fits the religious tone you're looking for and that will resonate well with religious readers.


95 Projects Completed

Joseph has worked full-time for an educational publisher for several years. In this role he has stayed current on educational and pedagogical trends in the K-12 sphere. With a little research he can write on a very broad range of topics related to education, including broad educational/pedagogical concepts and subject-specific content.


84 Projects Completed

Joseph has written multiple blog posts and articles for a range of clients offering SaaS solutions across a variety of industries.
Joseph has completed around 40 premium-priced technical blog posts for a single SaaS client in the medical field.

Tech writing can often be robotic and difficult to read, but Joseph gives all his technology writing a warm, human touch-- one that your readers will appreciate and understand.


56 Projects Completed

Numerous blog posts, articles, and webinar conversions for a client in the medtech space.


52 Projects Completed

Numerous blog posts and articles on office equipment, office culture, and more. With a day job in a corporate office, Joseph understands the topics of interest to office-dwellers, and he's lived many of the problems that clients in this space are seeking to solve.


26 Projects Completed

With nearly a decade of work experience at an established publishing house, Joseph understands the publishing industry in a way that most general writers can't. While publishing content makes up a small part of his portfolio, Joseph is happy to help clients looking for content in this space.

Cloud Computing

22 Projects Completed

Joseph is adept at writing on cloud-related topics, including SaaS, PaaS, and more. While not a cloud guru, Joseph understands the principles underlying cloud technology and can turn your content ideas or outline into easily understood, human-sounding content--that's still SEO optimized.

Whether you're looking to explain a cloud app to a general audience or have something more complex in mind, Joseph is ready to help.


20 Projects Completed

Himself a parent, Joseph writes with humor and clarity on a range of parenting topics, always to your specifications and with your objectives in mind.

Artificial Intelligence

10 Projects Completed

One recurring client ordered a 5-part series of long-form articles on artificial intelligence and small business, among other articles in the space. As with all his tech writing, Joseph brings a human touch, writing in language that mere mortals can comprehend.

Blog Post

1,428 Projects Completed

Joseph has the skill to write informative, engaging content for your blog or website. He will deliver high-quality general informative pieces designed to engage, educate, or entertain. He is comfortable writing on a wide variety of topics. Recent topics blogged vary widely and include pets, insurance, the auto industry, concert information, and pest removal.


470 Projects Completed

Articles can take many forms, from one-off pieces on a requested topic to a series of weekly pieces centered on a theme. Joseph has written numerous articles across a wide spectrum of topics on WriterAccess, both single articles and parts of a series. He has the skills needed to meet your article and content needs.

Newsletter Content

54 Projects Completed

Joseph has a high level of experience editing and writing newsletter-style content for a local nonprofit. These newsletters are sent as email blasts and written in a concise advertising style. He can craft a customized message for your organization, whatever your needs may be.

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