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Over the course of thirteen years, Diana has written and polished off four novels, two plays, two screenplays, one television pilot and three short scripts. The television pilot, "Can't Even," was nominated for Best Undergraduate Television Pilot at her university's SCADemy awards, and one of her screenplays made it as a second round finalist in The Write Room Screenplay Competition.

For ten years she's been an active member in online writing communities in which writers exchange criticism for criticism, resulting in having edited hundreds of written works.

The moral to most of her narratives falls into the category of “be yourself." Diana aims to represent diversity with authenticity, and to shed light on lesser talked about perspectives and issues.


Clarity and Economy of Words, Structure, Dialogue, Pacing, and Flow.


Reading and writing nerdy novels, plays, screenplays and teleplays, painting, music composition, film and theater acting, making movies, and world domination. If the world is unattainable, she will settle for dominion over a small island.


Savannah College of Art and Design

In her college days, Diana was involved in as many projects as she could volunteer for or spearhead. She acted in countless student films, produced a few herself, wrote, and offered constructive criticism for the works of her peers.


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Diana has worked on film sets for five consecutive years, and has written both plays and screenplays to industry standards for the same amount of time.


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At a public school in suburban New Jersey, Diana started her first novel. She was ten years old, finishing two years later at four hundred pages, and she hasn't stopped writing since. Her first grade teacher predicted she would be an author, which she resented because, thanks to the phonetics of the word, she associated it with Arthur, the cartoon aardvark. She was not, nor will she ever be, a cartoon aardvark.


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Colleagues, professors, judges and critics have all accredited Diana for her expertise in this field.

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