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Faye is from Michigan in the United States. In 2010, she earned her B.A. from the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Immediately after, she moved to France where she lived and worked for two years. She then moved to Spain and lived and worked for two additional years. As a result, Faye speaks both French and Spanish. English is her native Language.

In order to earn more while away from the U.S., Faye started ghostwriting articles and technical content in 2011. She gained clients and experience and eventually worked up to writing full-time for herself. As of 2019, she's been a professional, full-time writer for 6 years.

Faye currently lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, directly across Lake Michigan from the town where she grew up.
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• Technical Writing
• B2B Marketing
• Home Living
• Legal Content
• Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness
• Family & Relationships


Reading & Writing, Language, Dogs, Film, History & Politics, Music, Baking & Sewing


The University of Michigan

Faye graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a degree in Screen Arts, also known as the study of film and television. Her particular area of scholarship was screenwriting.

Home Living

1,147 Projects Completed

Faye has extensive experience writing home living-based content. She thoroughly researches all topics, formats for easy readability, and provides actionable advice where appropriate. Her most commonly covered topics include:

• Flooring
• Construction & Remodeling
• Window Coverings
• Kitchen Design
• Paint & General Décor
• Landscaping
• HVAC Services


597 Projects Completed

One of Faye's primary content areas of expertise is B2B marketing and business writing. She can provide you with well-researched, engaging content for fellow businesses, clients and customers, employees, shareholders, or any other audience. Many of her business clients return to her frequently for blog posts, marketing emails, instructional content, and more.


536 Projects Completed

For a short time, Faye worked as a makeup artist in the Detroit metro area. During this time, she was the key makeup artist for several films, commercials, and music videos, including a film starring Iggy Pop and a music video for rapper Big Sean. Beyond her personal interest in beauty, makeup, hair styling, and fashion, she has taken several professional courses on the correct application of theater and film makeup as well as daily wear makeup.

With this knowledge, she has written thousands of paid articles for businesses and publications that center around makeup application, hair styling and products, and beauty routines in general. Many of her articles are geared toward helping women apply makeup and use beauty products more effectively for particular situations or occasions, such as work, dates, proms, or weddings. The following is a list of Faye's specific areas of expertise in the beauty industry:

• Makeup Basics for Beginners
• Beauty in your 50s, 60s, and 70s
• Teen Beauty
• Easy Hair Styles
• Wedding Makeup & Hair
• Hair Troubleshooting: Too frizzy, too straight, gray hairs, split ends
• Male Hair & Facial Care


532 Projects Completed

Insurance providers benefit greatly from up-to-date and well-researched content for their websites, emails, and marketing campaigns. Faye has extensive experience writing for the following types of insurance:

• Auto
• Home
• Life
• Real Estate Owned
• Recreational Vehicle
• Commercial


392 Projects Completed

Faye has written for numerous medical organizations as well as doctors and dentists offices. Her experience ranges from blog posts on common plastic surgery procedures to overall nutrition and health advice for non-profit medical institutions. Topics Faye has covered in her medical writing include:

• Tummy tucks, liposuction, breast augmentation, and other plastic and cosmetic surgeries
• Diet and nutrition
• Yoga, Pilates, and meditation
• How to build and maintain muscle
• How to lose weight and keep it off


391 Projects Completed

Faye has written extensively on health and wellness topics ranging from nutrition and weight loss to substance abuse, mental illness, and disease. She is up-to-date on the latest information pertaining to advances in medical science, the mind-body connection, and federal and international nutrition guidelines. Her particular areas of expertise in this area include:

• Nutrition
• Mental Health & Wellness
• Fitness
• Weight Loss
• Substance Abuse & Rehabilitation
• Mindfulness & Meditation
• Vitamins & Nutrients
• Cooking Healthy Recipes
• Child Nutrition & Exercise
• Elderly Nutrition & Exercise
• Health During Pregnancy
• Vegetarianism & Veganism


241 Projects Completed

Faye has written for law firms and independent attorneys in multiple states. Generally speaking, she creates content outlining specific legal cases or frequently asked questions by plaintiffs. She has experience with the following fields of law:

• Property
• Personal Injury
• Corporate
• Family
• Civil Rights
• Environmental
• Intellectual Property
• Health
• Employment
• Real Estate


205 Projects Completed

Quality content on your site and in your blog posts and articles is a primary factor in determining whether you make a lot of money or not. Clients and customers want to read engaging, informative text, and Faye consistently provides this through her B2B and direct-to-customer marketing content.


202 Projects Completed

Faye has written over 200 blog posts, marketing emails, and landing pages on the topic of relationships.

Her experience is mostly with marketing campaigns for paid programs aimed at helping men and women find "the one," including self-help courses for overall well-being. She has also authored several of the related ebooks and programs themselves.

To best help the reader and sell the client's products, Faye thoroughly researches all topics, formats her writing for easy readability, and provides actionable advice where appropriate. Her most commonly covered topics in the nutrition realm include:

• Dating challenges
• How to navigate relationship woes, including infidelity
• How to handle a breakup or divorce
• Best ways to attract a mate


127 Projects Completed

Faye has extensive experience writing nutrition- and health-related content. She has written for companies dealing in dietary supplements and weight-loss plans as well as non-profit organizations who want to recommend nutritional guideline for online readers.

She thoroughly researches all topics, formats for easy readability, and provides actionable advice where appropriate. Her most commonly covered topics in the nutrition realm include:

• General advice for maintaining a healthy diet
• How to lose weight and get fit
• Best foods for varying ailments
• Nutritional guidelines for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding
• How dietary supplements can improve overall nutrition

Blog Post

4,176 Projects Completed

Faye understands that companies, organizations, and institutions need to update their online content regularly for SEO purposes and to keep clients and customers interested and informed. Using blog posts is one of the best ways to do this. Faye's central approach is to follow the specific directions of the client, gather as much useful and practical information for the reader as possible, and make the posts enjoyable to read in one sitting.


1,860 Projects Completed

Faye's articles are well-informed and well-researched. She uses short, succinct sentences and digestible paragraphs as well as headings, numbered lsits, and bullet points to organize information and aid with comprehension. In terms of research, Faye takes her information from reputable, authoritative sources alone.

Web Page

854 Projects Completed

Website content should be informative, succinct, and a pleasure to read. You want people to stay awhile, and of course, it's also essential that visitors feel welcome.

Faye has written the entire website content for several clients, including construction companies, heating and cooling businesses, chambers of commerce, film and digital conversion companies, and campgrounds.

Product Description

394 Projects Completed

Faye has several years of experience writing product descriptions for various industries. She will describe your products in an engaging way that still provides an accurate view of your products. For readability, she often includes details in lists and bullet points (where appropriate).

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