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Most of Chase's professional experience is in sales and marketing, but his academic experience includes rhetorical analysis and theory research. Although his career is in business, Chase has always prided himself in his writing and textual criticism. As such, he excelled in his senior-level communication courses, most of which involved research and application of theory.
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Writing mechanics, vocabulary


Marketing, communication theory, theology, philosophy, craft beer, sports, and video games


Texas A&M University

Chase's specific subjects of study within the field of Communication included rhetorical criticism, communication theory, and communication research methods. In business, Chase studied a variety of general business subjects, such as management, finance, and accounting.


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One of Chase's primary writing subject categories in the past was spirituality and religion, with a specific focus on Protestantism & Catholicism. This work involved analyzing spoken and written communication from various religious leaders or authorities speaking on the matter of religion. In the sample provided, Chase examines Pope Francis's comments on new colonialism and the exploitation of the poor internationally.

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Though Chase certainly uses his blog for helping others to reason and reflect, the most important aspect of his blogging is how it sorts random thoughts into coherent, orderly theories. His musing concern theology, philosophy, apologetics, textual analysis, and broader personal theories. However, regardless of the subject, the overarching theme of each post is to challenge readers, as well as himself, to break away from emotion-based arguments and move towards pragmatic discussion rooted in basic logical methods, such as Socratic questioning or if-then statements.


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Chase's education involved rigorous training in rhetorical analysis, which concerns looking at HOW something is said rather than simply WHAT is said. Towards the end of his formal education, Chase began to separate himself from his peers through the quality of his writing, as he received high praise for theory application in examining subjects such as propaganda, speech, and religion. Although his work during this time did not directly benefit him professionally, it allowed him to acquire important tools in preparation for writing at a professional level.

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