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James M
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James love for writing has always been part of his life. His fondness for the written word goes all the way back to elementary school, where he was often found creating books and stories for his classmates and friends. Since those early years, however, he has refined and expanded his writing through education and a variety of work experiences. His skills have only grown sharper with time.

His earliest undertaking with writing for employment started with his job at a local newspaper group. He was in charge of digital marketing and social media, so he would use his creative writing skills to assist his clients, as well as the newspaper, in hitting their potential customers pain points with attractive copy and artwork. He also established a community page on their website, known as the "Community Buzz", where readers could post their favorite stories and photos.

From there, James went on to a new venture in his life, and began work with McColloch-Baker Insurance Services, a part of the Ruese Insurance Group. While they brought him on for a sales position, he also used his talents to support the business in additional ways. He helped create multiple brochures, as well as come up with the company slogan, "Don't Worry We've Got This". He then used his digital know-how to revive their social media presence, bringing their Facebook followers from 30 to 300 in the short time he was there. Finally, he also established an ongoing video blog series, known as the Ruese Report, to help inform customers about coverages in a fast and friendly manner.

In his latest position with Marketing Essentials, LLC, James' knowledge for the digital marketing side of business began to blossom. He gained many certifications, including Inbound Sales, Inbound Marketing, and Growth-Driven Design, just to name a few. He used this new knowledge to create multiple blog posts, social media posts, and more, to bring potential customers to the business. He discovered that the digital sales world is a completely different beast from the older, outbound methods of the past.

Even when he is not writing for a paycheck, James also enjoys writing in his free-time. While he knows about sales, marketing, and insurance, he uses his free-time to write about the latest in entertainment and technology. He has written multiple reviews, previews, and features on movies, video games, and more, for websites such as The Workprint, Xbox Enthusiast, and Digital Nerd Advocates. He also uses his talents to host a weekly podcast, The Life of Gaming, which brings in 250+ listeners a week.

While he has stayed busy over the years with sales and marketing, James would love to make writing a full-time career. He hopes that his unique experiences and talents can help those in need find the copy they desire. No matter the subject, James understand the importance of the written word in our digital world, especially when it comes to SEO, Link Building, and attractive, attention-grabbing headlines.
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