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Vicki S
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Dahlonega, GA
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Vicki has earned a BA in Marketing and Communications and has extensive experience in media events, SEO optimization, marketing, travel writing, web content, advertising, and creating corporate blogs and newsletters.

In addition, she has experience writing online entertainment columns and currently holds position of staff writer for a travel and vacation company that hosts 25 websites.

Her vast experience in writing press releases, editing/re-writes, web content, advertorials, articles, marketing pieces and catalog/product copy and overviews makes her the perfect candidate for your writing project.
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- Professional Writing Services:
- Press Releases
- Editing / Re-Writes
- Blogs and Newsletters
- Web Content
- Variety of Articles
- Marketing Pieces and Brochures
- Catalog Copy and Product Overviews
- Social Media Posts and Updates


Vicki loves the laid back lifestyle that comes with living in the North Georgia mountains. She is an avid reader, enjoys writing, travel, music, concerts, and photography. She spends her free time hanging out with her adventurous 13 year old son, book writing husband, and high maintenance black lab, Gracie Lou Who!


College of Charleston

Writing, photography, marketing


280 Projects Completed

Vicki is an experienced Political Writer and is a constant contributor to weekly political websites and columns. A true professional, Vicki is on top of the latest political news and can write a media article as well as the top news outlets.


220 Projects Completed

Vicki holds the position of writer for a National Jimmy Buffett column for an online news organization. This national column features articles on music, charity events, interviews with bands, and activities in the Parrot Head World.


198 Projects Completed

Vicki has written a variety of blogs, product descriptions, articles, and website content for the Outdoor and Recreation Industry, and would make a great addition to your writing team!


142 Projects Completed

Vicki is an avid traveler and island explorer. She has traveled to the Caribbean for photos shoots and to write about these islands. In addition, she maintains a photography web site of photos and 25 websites for the travel and tourism industry for vacation destinations in the US and Caribbean.


138 Projects Completed

Vicki is an experienced travel writer and currently maintains 25 vacation/visitor websites for the resort town of Hilton Head Island, SC. She also maintains 5 travel related Facebook pages for Charleston, SC, Outer Banks, NC, Savannah, GA, Virginia Beach, and Daytona Beach, FL. She is proficient in producing web content,taking photos, writing articles, designing newsletters, and writing press releases for the travel/vacation industry.


98 Projects Completed

Vicki is an experienced SEO and Marketing specialist who excels at writing about the Marketing Industry.

From blogs and web content to articles about marketing tips and techniques, Vicki is a professional marketer with experience writing about her trade.

Real Estate

94 Projects Completed

Vicki is an experienced Real Estate writer with vast knowledge of the industry. Her expertise is in writing blogs, property descriptions, webs site content, social media posts, and other real estate items.

Home Living

89 Projects Completed

Vicki excels at writing for the Home Living genre and has exceeded expectations on various client jobs.

From blogs and articles to website content, copy for brochures, and even social media posts, Vicki is a well-written Home Living writer with the skills, expertise, and finesse for your writing project.


81 Projects Completed

Vicki has written web site content for various types of doctors and the healthcare field in general. Much experience in writing description of services offered, products, "About Us"pages and more for a variety of marketing materials, websites, and ads.


77 Projects Completed

Vicki has written various product descriptions for new websites that feature clothing for sale including item description, marketing statement and clothing features. She is also familiar with merchant statements and descriptions for websites.


68 Projects Completed

Vicki has written many articles and blogs about Spirituality and has the experience and knowledge to help you succeed in your writing goals.

Non Profit

63 Projects Completed

Vicki is experienced in writing about the charity and non profit events hosted by the nation's 200+ Parrot Head Clubs including Relay for Life, Children's Miracle Network, and many, many more.


48 Projects Completed

Vicki has written a variety of different items for the Finance Industry including blogs, web site content, articles, and copy for advertising brochures.


45 Projects Completed

Vicki is an experienced Medical Writer and has written blogs, website content, articles, and social media posts for the medical field.


37 Projects Completed

Vicki writes the National Chef Robert Irvine column for an online new website. The column shines a spotlight on Food Network Chef Robert Irvine and his many televisions shows, appearances, and restaurants that he has. Chef Irvine is aware of the column, has made contact with Vicki, and is a contributor for the column.


36 Projects Completed

Vicki has written for a variety of educational institutions including colleges and universities, online driving schools, continuing education classes, and more.

From student apartments and housing needs and spotlighting course curriculums to blogs for colleges and ad content for online cooking classes - Vicki has done it all and can help your organization with all of its writing needs.


36 Projects Completed

Vicki has written various types of content for the Auto Industry including car descriptions, web content for dealers and manufacturers, service department web pages, blogs, event press releases, and more.

Whether you need to describe the latest model of car you are selling, or need copywriting for a brochure or web page, Vicki delivers with top quality content every time.


31 Projects Completed

Vicki is an experienced Legal Writer and has written a variety of items for those in the legal field including blogs and website content for attorneys,ad copy for brochures, descriptions of legal services and cases, and more.

Green Products

11 Projects Completed

Vicki has produced media events in NYC for companies to pitch their green products to the media for consideration of publication in consumer magazines. She has extensive experience writing copy, product descriptions, and press releases for green products and businesses.

Blog Post

514 Projects Completed

Vicki maintains a blog featuring the articles/writing of her columns for a national online news website.She also currently maintains travel blogs for 25 websites for the vacation and tourism industry and is experienced with a light, easy, conversational tone for appealing to the masses.


427 Projects Completed

Vicki is experienced in writing various types of articles including promotional, journalistic, lifestyle, travel, healthcare, and more. She has a flexible writing style and can adapt to any tone needed for articles. She also brings much experience in conversational tone for websites, articles, and marketing pieces.


93 Projects Completed

Vicki has experience writing copy for websites and magazines on a variety of subjects. She also has extensive experience in writing for the travel and tourism industry via marketing pieces, web content, blogs, advertorials, articles, social media posts, and more.

An experienced copywriter, Vicki has penned many advertorials for different types of businesses as well as text for advertising brochures, direct marketing emails, social media, postcards, print ads, and more.

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