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Lisa has practiced primarily in two fields, law and libraries, and has conducted research and written necessary papers for both disciplines. She has studied social sciences, languages, and computers.
Traveling is a hobby, but something she has turned into her own kind of adventurous pursuit. Taking her daughter with her, she has traveled on a shoestring budget, taking local buses instead of taxis and going to grocery stores instead of expensive restaurants.
Lisa is a voracious reader, and a fan of genre fiction and conventions. She attended the planning meeting of the second North American Discworld Convention and volunteered at Horrorhound and the Charlottesville Festival of the Book.
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Law, library science, psychology, languages


Travel, literature


Indiana University

Lisa completed her degree with two majors and two minors. She studied several languages including French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Latin and Navajo.

Indiana University

Lisa finished her Master's Degree in Library and Information Science in a year-and-a-half while working full-time at the Indiana University Library. She completed the normal coursework but added computer classes, such as how to put together a LAN.

Indiana University Maurer

Lisa was a summer starter and finished her law degree in two years, still having time to participate in Moot Court, the Protective Order Project, and a law clinic.


552 Projects Completed

Lisa has her Doctor of Jurisprudence from Indiana University, and practiced law for several years. While practicing, she conducted thousands of trials and prepared her own paperwork, motions, and legal research in a very busy courtroom. She also has research skills and experience because she has a degree in library science and has worked in technical services in the Indiana University library.

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872 Projects Completed

Lisa has been writing blogs for a criminal attorney, explaining various aspects of how a knowledgeable attorney can help with a case.

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