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While Kelly specializes in many aspects of writing, her main professional focus has been in Entertainment writing for many different Hollywood companies. She began her career working for production companies, writing up script synopses to be distributed to Managers and Studio Executives. She was recruited to read and write for a Script Writing Company that hosts an annual script writing competition. Here, she has served role as a judge for submitted scripts, writing synopses for submissions, providing feedback to writers, and in special cases, writing up inquiry letters to help market exceptional scripts to executives. She also writes for the company blog, providing helpful tips to screenwriters about the writing and judging process.
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Entertainment, blog posts, social media


Television, Hiking, Travel, Crafts, Painting.


Webster University

During her time at Webster University, Kelly took a wide variety of communication classes. While her main discipline was in script writing and project proposals, she also wrote historical essays and created marketing strategies. She was the co-founder and president of a student-lead club where she gained skills in social media marketing and funding proposals.


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Kelly comes from the world of Entertainment. Her expertise lies in writing to and about script writers. She has written multiple blog posts for a screenwriter blog. She reads, writes summaries, corrects, and responds to script queries daily. She has been working as an Entertainment writer for three years.


10 Projects Completed

Kelly spent two years as coordinator for a Swim Lesson program, writing emails, website copy, and advertisements for the program to market it to the community.


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Kelly has written many posts for a Travel blog and is excellent with writing SEO content and social media marketing for posts. She travels often and is very familiar with the hospitality industry.

Email Copy

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Kelly has vast experience in composing emails to market programs, writers, and content to customers. She formerly was a coordinator of a Swim Lesson program, where her email marketing strategy drove community members to register for the program. She has written pitch letters to executives to market clients who would be a great match, and has also marketed specific content to an executive to persuade them to purchase a creative property.

Blog Post

5 Projects Completed

Kelly has written multiple blog posts in the Entertainment Industry targeted towards writers and helping them find success in the competitive world of Hollywood.

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