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Dan has written for such online publications as Rant Media and Simple Pickup. He has also published one novel. He has taught the ACT and the SAT full time for the past 3 years. He has also tutored various high school and collegiate academic subjects. It's his dream to be a professional writer, so thank you for helping me to fulfill a part of that!


Academic content, narratives, descriptions, technical information, how-to guides, you name it!


Education, training, academics, military, history, science, technology, current events, politics, news, entertainment.


Tulane University

Army ROTC scholarship winner

Western Governors University

Top 10% of all graduates for 2016!


24 Projects Completed

Dan is a political science graduate, and he has experience as a current events and politics writer for various publications. He specializes in American politics, comparative politics, and political theory.


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Dan is an MBA graduate from Western Governors University where he finished in the Top 10% of all graduates for the Class of 2017. He has worked full time in the business world in the mortgage industry, and he is an avid securities trader. He enjoys discussing topics related to business psychology and leadership, specifically management styles and employee relations.


0 Projects Completed

Dan is a lifelong sports fan with 25+ years of athletic experience. He follows football, basketball, and tennis religiously. He enjoys fight sports as well, such as UFC. Dan enjoys making compelling arguments in the world of sports, especially with hypothetical scenarios. He also likes to "arm chair quarterback" many different game scenarios and analyze statistics and historical contexts.


20 Projects Completed

Dan has written speeches for award ceremonies, formal occasions, military funerals, and other situations for military and civilian events. He from the perspective of the person delivering the speech, and he tries to allow for the person to have as much freedom as possible with their own style while making the speech comprehensible and easy to give.

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