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Paul wrote catalog product copy for nearly all departments at retail giant L.L. Bean over thirteen years, including for its largest demand centers and iconic Bean Boot: Joint Men’s and Women’s Outerwear; Men's Clothing and Footwear; Outdoor Sporting Gear; L.L. Home and L.L. Kids’. Editorial, feature and other writing-related projects as assigned. E-Commerce copywriter for L.L. Bean emails. Marketing promotions, product-page editing as assigned. Trained new writers as senior copywriter for the Catalog and E-Commerce Divisions.

That's the formal, commercial stuff. Paul loves to write and has since he was a child, knowing it would be his future. He has written nine screenplays, seven plays, a volume of sonnets, and is a produced playwright and children's book author.


Paul's business writing is essentially catalog centric, but he has written TV commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, press releases, and is open to just about any writing challenge including ghost writing. If he doesn't feel up to the task, he will say so.

And he'd like to think his specialty is being faithful to this platinum writing principle, learned at a N.Y.C. writer's workshop, and circled multiples times in his notes:

"Don't tell readers it's raining -- make them feel the rain."


Copywriting for diverse products across multiple categories; editing just about any type of writing save for medical documents, as Paul has no experience with its critical terminologies.


St. Michael's College, Vermont

Father was a pragmatic man and a successful businessman. He asked Paul to choose a field of study he could fall back on if a writing career did not work out for him -- and his father was paying for his education. Paul chose his father's field, business, but took as many Humanities courses as he could within the broad Humanities curriculum offered by St. Michael's. After graduating, he dove into his passion for writing, beginning with his first play while living in Killington, Vermont, at age 24.


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As a relatively new copywriter to the company Paul was given the responsibility of writing for L.L.Bean's largest demand center, Men's and Women's Combined Outerwear.

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