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Seldon been writing extensively for the duration of my life. His in-depth understanding of the English language was largely developed through reading a diverse array of books. He has a diverse array of interests and finds a variety of different topics enthralling. He's primarily focused on electronics, technology trends, geopolitics and history.

He currently works as a technical writer for a technology company in North Carolina. He has experience in writing SEO material as well, with a 100% acceptance rate for articles written within one online company. Given clear guidelines and keywords, he's able to deliver high-quality content within a reasonable timeframe.

A truncated version of his resume is provided for reference below.



Lifelong writer and graphic design major with a diverse skillset and a proven record of a consistent work ethic. Focused professional with experience using the appropriate technology to achieve goals. Able to meet the demands and deadlines of a fast-paced work environment while maintaining quality of work involved. Currently employed as a technical writer.


Bachelor of Arts in New Media


• Experienced in compiling technical documents comprised of detailed descriptions and accompanying graphics

• Able to write eloquently and extensively with an advanced command of written English; capable of creating a wide range of material across various genres

• Wide-ranging graphic design skillset involving the usage of Adobe Creative Cloud software

• Able to model and animate in 3D with Autodesk Maya

• Knowledgeable in web design fundamentals, including the languages of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

• Proficient in Microsoft Office products

• Familiar with cybersecurity protocols

• Experienced in customer service from working in the service industry for several years

• Musically inclined with an affinity for playing the piano; versed in reading sheet music

• Knowledgeable in geopolitics and global history


Technology, hardware, electronics, politics, history, fiction


Writing, graphic design, art, computer animation, technology, web design, electronic music, politics, gaming, history


University of North Carolina at Asheville

A degree in New Media at UNCA requires the successful completion of a course of study that emphasizes graphic design, media communication, and computer animation. Students learn how to utilize Adobe software like Photoshop and Illustrator to create engaging, high-quality material. They also work with 3D modeling programs by Autodesk, using Maya and other software to create virtual structures and animations. Coursework also entails acquiring the skills necessary for web design. Students learn HTML and Javascript in order to create their own web pages.

As a liberal arts institution, UNCA requires all students to complete a wide range of courses in addition to those in their major department. This includes an array of writing-intensive courses that cover politics, history, and more. In order to graduate from the university, students must demonstrate proficiency in several different fields of study.


50 Projects Completed

The author is very familiar with electronics, with years of experience in dealing with computers and related products. An extensive amount of articles have been written that summarize and promote products intended for media professionals and gaming enthusiasts. Equipped with personal knowledge of computers and accompanying enthusiasm for the topic, the author enjoys writing about electronics.


50 Projects Completed

The author has technical knowledge of the hardware involved in powering computers used by media professionals and gaming enthusiasts. Processors, motherboards, random access memory (RAM), and graphics cards are some of the hardware components that the author can write about extensively. The author has a particular interest in the industry and is familiar with companies like Intel, AMD, and Nvidia.


10 Projects Completed

The author has written many articles intended to promote and summarize video games for computers and consoles. They're designed to convince interested parties to purchase the game on the merits of its storyline and gameplay. As the author is a gaming enthusiast himself, he can identify with the needs of potential customers concerning video games. This allows him to write extensively and naturally about a wide variety of games and gaming topics.


0 Projects Completed

This is an example of academic writing; the author created this as a presentation for a senior-level course at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. It represents one of many such articles that have been written. It also reflects the ability of the author to write about technology trends and present articulate material in a professional setting.

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