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Benjamin has always been interested in writing. He is a highly-rated content writer with an average rating of over 4.8/ 5 stars on one website. While he enjoys writing about technical topics, Benjamin has written about a wide variety of other topics ranging from kitchen appliances to health issues to jewelry. He always researches an article topic before writing the article in order to make sure the content he writes is accurate and current. In addition to understanding the importance of accuracy, Benjamin makes his writing interesting. Where appropriate, he tries to engage in a conversation with the reader and relate to their situations. For example, one strategy that Benjamin employs is asking on-point questions and then answering them in a way that will make sense to the reader. Benjamin thinks a lot about his audience when writing, and he understands the difference between friendly writing and professional writing.

In the past, Benjamin has written many academic papers. These have included technical papers covering complex technical subjects such as social engineering, as well as papers analyzing a whole host of other topics. The skills Benjamin has learned in academic writing are transferable to other types of writing. He has learned how to thoroughly analyze issues, consider the audience, develop ideas in a way that makes sense to readers, etc.
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technical topics, current trends (products, news, etc.), business, well-researched articles


virtual reality, outdoor activities, fitness, social activities, video games, news


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Benjamin was involved in many activities during his time at UNC. He created a new website for Student Congress and wrote content for it. Also, he volunteered for the Community Empowerment Fund and taught technology classes at a local library.


25 Projects Completed

Benjamin has written many blog posts and articles for the technology industry. He has written informative articles describing different aspects or uses of technologies, as well as articles that describe the advantages and disadvantages of technologies. Benjamin has a passion for learning about technology, and it shows in his well-researched and interesting technology writing.


15 Projects Completed

Benjamin has written several business articles covering a wide range of topics. When he writes a business article, Benjamin turns to authoritative business sources to provide him with ideas. He researches the business trends, processes, terminology, and anything else that might be relevant to the article. Additionally, Benjamin reads business news daily and enjoys keeping up to date with what’s going on in the business world.

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40 Projects Completed

Benjamin has written about a variety of topics for numerous blogs. When the name of the blog is available, he looks into the blog in order to find out what kind of content is already on the blog, the message the blog is trying to convey, etc. He receives very good ratings on his blog posts because he is able to understand what type of content, writing style, and tone that blog readers expect. Even if the blog is not available for Benjamin to view, he can still glean this information from the person who posts the writing job.


30 Projects Completed

Benjamin has written multiple high quality articles. When given a topic, he performs thorough research and tries to understand all of the relevant information. When he writes the article, he is informative and makes sure his writing is interesting so that readers stay engaged. Additionally, Benjamin connects with readers throughout the course of the article.

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