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As a Disabled US Army Veteran, Steve has been unable to maintain employment due to service-connected disabilities. Not wishing to become a burden to society, he embarked on a new adventure to become a Freelance Writer and earn a living.

Since joining the world of Freelance Writing, Steve has primarily worked with environmental emergency service companies providing short to medium blog posts for their website blogs. While also providing a few articles on Cooking, Betting, Computer Function & Technical writing, as well as providing a handful of long Product Review articles.

Prior to this, Steve owned and operated a few of his own websites most notable of which was a site based on the Borderlands gaming franchise from Gearbox Software and 2K Games. He loved making the site and writing on a daily basis. However, earnings were tight and he decided to close the site to concentrate more on his writing abilities.
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He doesn't lean more towards one topic or another and is willing to put in the research needed to produce quality original content for any client.


His self-interests include reading, writing, web design, graphics work, gaming, camping, driving, travel, airplanes, trains and even cooking.


University of Phoenix

Working towards a Bachelor's degree in computer information was a great experience. It helped Steve develop more of his technical side and provided him with many tools for advancement that he could use later in life.


100 Projects Completed

While not specializing in any particular subject or industry, Steve provides quality content on various topics to his clients with direct contact and communication. Keeping a constant flow of communication with his clients is important to him.

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Steve uses Facebook, Twitter, and a personal blog to share his experiences with earning money online through writing. Something about keeping a record of the adventure resonates the realism of the events unfolding at this time in his life.

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