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5 years of experience as a logistics project manager. Experience in fiscal policy production for large governing bodies. Provided expert advisory services and policy implementation to a government organization totaling 1,200 employees, resulting in greater organizational transparency. Routinely managed major logistical projects as they related to organizational readiness. Participated as a joint government purchase card holder for 36 months, while balancing a spending budget of $172,000 with no discrepancies. Developed an acquisitions and procurement schedule that resulted in increased organizational readiness by satisfying all inventory needs. Maintained accurate data tracking the consumption of durable and expendable good, while also implementing an appropriate replenishment schedule. Successfully transitioned to the financial industry as a banker. Consistently met sales goals, while creating and advising customers on specific actions to reach their financial goals. Performed financial analysis of both business and consumer needs, an evaluation of the implemented financial program, and recommend participant continuation in program or termination. Participated in business development by reaching sales goals, prospecting, collaborative partners, resource partners, credible or serviceable telephone calls (inquiries/self-initiated), emails (inquires/self-initiated), meetings and office drop-in visitors regarding SBA programs and services in a professional and courteous manner. Multi-tiered experience involving SAP business software for asset management and record keeping.


Business Management, Sales, Financials, Military, Civil Service, Government, Customer Service, Health & Fitness


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Excelsior College

The bachelor of professional studies in business management cultivates practical workplace skills that apply directly to real-world professional challenges, including:
Business communications
Project management
Global business
Critical thinking and analysis
Computers and business technology
Personnel management and evaluation
After earning a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Business and Management degree from Excelsior College, graduates have competed successfully for jobs in a wide range of industries, including defense, global business, government contracting, and the military.

Southern New Hampshire University

This business degree from Southern New Hampshire University enables students to help reshape corporations, create sustainability in small businesses, and take your rightful place in today’s market as an up-and-coming entrepreneur or business leader.
Today’s business environment requires professionals to adapt to change on the fly, assess resource constraints strategically and provide solutions to complex problems, and the MBA from SNHU equips its graduates with the skills to do so.


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Joel detailed works that attempt to explain the underlying factors that address market competition, barriers to entry, and target marketing.


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Joel has 5 years serving as a Logistics Project Manager in the US Army, paired with 2 years experience as a federal Budget Analyst, and years of experience in management in the civilian world.

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