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Gary’s writing experience includes, but is not limited to, drafting patents, crafting government agency guidance and regulations, planning and documenting inter-agency integrated facilities, planning and documenting complex tests and demonstrations, creating technology specifications and analyses, creating reports documenting flight software, creating cyberspace training software, and even writing his personal blog.

While most of Gary’s writing experience has been technically focused, his blog describes his hiking and backpacking trips as well as his thoughts on politics and culture.

Gary is a retired Air Force officer, but has also worked in the civil service and as a defense contractor. His technical projects have ranged from low-tech exposure in a patent law office to developing, producing and launching the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. Other technologies he’s worked with include space communications, over-the-horizon terrestrial communications, strategic missile command, control and communications (C3), cruise missile flight software, neural networks, photonics, electro-optic simulations, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), electronic warfare (EW), missile defense battlespace modeling and simulation (M&S), cyberspace operations and defense, and information operations testing.

Gary is skilled at writing both informative and persuasive documents and reports. He has demonstrated great flexibility and skill in drafting, refining and reviewing virtually all forms of technical writing.

Please be aware that due to Gary's prior employment with the Air Force and defense contractors, most of his writing has been classified, sensitive or proprietary. Thus, only a few samples of his writing are available for display.


Gary has extensive expertise in many forms of technical, managerial, and informal writing and research. He can create briefings, background papers, memoranda, specifications, analyses, plans, guidance, theses, training material, test reports and many other types of documents.

His technical expertise includes electrical engineering, physics, electro-optics, communications, computers, software, modeling and simulation, space and missile technologies, cyberspace operations, and network defense.


When not working, Gary’s primary form of recreation is hiking and backpacking. He also enjoys blogging about his treks as well as posting his outdoor photography.

He spends a great deal of his spare time with computers, networks, servers, and coding software. He developed an iOS (Apple iPhone) application to use on his backpacking trips, and created a small web site to advertise his app. In addition to creating his own app, he developed a cyberspace training app for the Air Force’s transition from Blackberries to iPhones.

His thirst for new science and technology made his work for the Air Force and the defense community a true pleasure. He looks forward to the challenges of new technical areas and tasks, increasing his knowledge and understanding, and creating documents that address the objectives and goals of his clients and employers.


Purdue University

Gary completed the honors physics curriculum at Purdue University in 1978. He spent his freshman year in physics at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology before transferring to Purdue.

Washington University in St. Louis

After Gary's first year in law school, he began working in a patent law office researching and drafting patents. Before returning for his second year, he joined the Air Force, went through Officer Training School, and then was assigned to get his B.S. in electrical engineering at Louisiana Tech University. He never returned to finish a law degree.

Louisiana Tech University

The Air Force recruited new engineers in 1981 by offering a second bachelors degree in electrical engineering. Gary's studies included the required and elective courses not completed for his first bachelor's degree in physics at Purdue.

Air Force Institute of Technology

Gary's masters degree focused on pattern recognition with a minor in controls. His thesis used neural networks to accomplish speech recognition.

Air Force Institute of Technology

Gary's doctoral program included studies in physics, math and electrical engineering. His dissertation evaluated the the performance of a nonlinear, electro-optic crystal by creating and refining a physics-based simulation of the device.


0 Projects Completed

Gary has delivered written products in a wide variety of technology areas for over 35 years (see his experience summary). However, most of those products were classified, for official use only, or proprietary. Additionally, government regulations required deleting government work product on personal devices upon termination of employment. Hence, Gary retains few samples of the many products he created over the years.


0 Projects Completed

Gary has written numerous statements of work, proposals, and a variety of contract documents. He has also run source selections (for government contracts), performed on source selection boards as a technical representative, and drafted source selection guidance and documentation. As with most of his other government and defense contractor work, much of that is classified, sensitive or proprietary.

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