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Irene has always been in love with writing. At age nine, she wrote a letter to the editor of the local weekly newspaper that was published as is.

In high school, she was the feature editor of the school newspaper and on the yearbook staff.

For more than three years, she's been writing articles for various online venues. These articles include how-tos, facts about, and lists of in addition to product and site reviews covering a very diverse area.

Irene has several blogs on gardening and internet article writing.
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Irene's focus has been on creating SEO articles for the internet ranging from 200-800 words. Each one of her personal articles thoroughly covers the information suggested by the title with links to related keyword articles.


Irene's passions are gardening, cooking, crafts, and back-to-basics lifestyle.

As a baby-boomer entering her senior years, her personal interests are concentrating on achieving a quality healthy lifestyle from nutrition and excercise through financial management.


Bristol High School

Irene was an Army brat so she attended a different school each year. Even so, she excelled scholastically. She graduated with State and National Honor Society awards.

Southeastern Massachusetts University

Personal family tragedy put a halt to Irene's college studies. This never took away her inteest in medicine and the health field.


43 Projects Completed

Irene organically grows as many diverse vegetables as two people can eat in a year from a tiny plot of ocean front land. Composting, companion planting and natural pest control are areas of specific interest to other gardeners.

She also grows her own plants for selling in front of her house. Interaction with customers keeps her abreast of trends and plants.


39 Projects Completed

When you sew, knit, crotchet and garden, the next step is crafting. Irene is an old-school crafter. She repurposes or uses what's on hand to create something new and useful. Trips to a craft shop are more for inspiration.

Yes, you can make money selling crafts. Irene sells flower arrangements during the summer. Fresh wreaths, swags, and centerpieces in addition to shell ornaments are on sale at Irene's bazaar table.


32 Projects Completed

Irene was a premed major during her college days. She was a Red Cross candy striper at Womack Army Hospital back in the late 60's and has worked as a PCA on and off over the last 40 years.

The internet is a wealth of health related information. A good researcher is needed to sort through the truths and falsehoods.


20 Projects Completed

Employment in the food industry has provided Irene with a working knowledge of almost all positions. She has been a kitchen manager for a Mexican restaurant and local diner, first line cook for an Italian restaurant, and has run her own kitchens.

She has been TIPS Certified for the alcohol beverage industry and FoodSafe Certified for food handling.


408 Projects Completed

Irene has written over 400 articles published through various venues online. Topics range from poetry and contest entries to content, SEO and product description articles. Product reviews and comparisons take the most time to research but well written aticles of this kind receive high volume.

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101 Projects Completed

Irene currently maintains 3 blogs of her own on gardening tips, plant tips and writing contest results. Several of the freelance assignments for which Irene receives compensation fall under the "blog post" category. These need to be factual and easy to read with a fair amount of SEO.

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