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Valerie has written thousands of pieces for different writing services. A succinct writer who carefully researches her assignments, she has extensive experience in different industries and styles of content. She is more than capable of taking on a wide variety of interests, trends, and topics. Valerie is open to taking any order, following the directions of that order, and then providing her client with engaging and quality written content.
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Articles, blog posts, descriptions, lists, press releases, recaps, summaries, reviews, comments, marketing and web content.


Health, business, medical, food, news, lifestyle, cooking, fitness, internet, technology, media, beauty, fashion, and shopping.


Pickens Technical College

Valerie earned her certificate in Medical Assistance in 2014 after studying anatomy & physiology, healthcare acts, and back and front room assistance practices for medical offices.

Community College of Aurora

At the Community College of Aurora, Valerie took courses in English, Biology and Psychology in order to receive a general post-high school education.


At the American Academy of Professional Coders, Valerie received a certificate that announced her ability to code and understand various areas within the healthcare field. As a result, she has become more informed when writing in the health and fitness industries.


280 Projects Completed

Having studied medical assistance and coding in her postsecondary education, Valerie has extra insight and knowledge when it comes to the healthcare field. She has taken courses in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, healthcare laws and more. She can write confidently about health, medicine, and fitness.


122 Projects Completed

With an education in medical coding, terminology, anatomy, physiology, and assistance, Valerie is able to write accurately and confidently about healthcare and medicine. All health and medical articles will be well researched and factual.


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In the world of entrepreneurship, brands need to be able to represent themselves through quality written content. A business writer should be able to keep up with all the latest news and trends within the field, as well as inform entrepreneurs on how to launch a successful startup. Valerie has written content that discusses marketing strategies, business plans, and innovative approaches for new enterprises.


3 Projects Completed

When she isn't fulfilling orders for clients, Valerie is often looking up new recipes to try out. She has a strong passion for food, cooking, baking, recipes, diet, and nutrition. As a result of visiting hundreds of food and recipe websites, she has developed a strong sense of what the food industry expects when it comes to written content.

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The importance of drawing in website visitors is not lost on web writers. It's not just a matter of incorporating SEO keywords on the web page. Web copy needs to present information in short, easy-to-read formats.

Product Description

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In order to sell something successfully, a product description must express the most enticing aspects of a service or product. Valerie knows how to imagine the seller's audience, create a list of the product's features, and present the product's benefits in a persuasive manner.

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