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Sarah B. has delivered professional business and technical writing content for over ten years. She has worked in the manufacturing, logistics, food, and chemical industries across many functional areas. The projects Sarah completed include standard operating procedures, work instructions, policy guides, and process documentation. She also wrote promotional copy and posted to social media platforms.

In addition to these jobs, Sarah worked as a reporter for a local news organization covering entrepreneurs and the startup community, which included focus on investors and funding.

Sarah has a strong presence in the Raleigh-Durham writer's network. She writes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. When that's not enough, Sarah shares her thoughts and experiences on her personal blog.


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Sarah B. wrote journalistic articles on the Raleigh-Durham startup community, including influential entrepreneurs, investors, business trends, and networking events. Assignments were quick turn-around and required in-person coverage and interviewing. Technology (especially mobile applications), transportation, the growing sharing economy, and textiles were all focus areas in Sarah B.'s articles.

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Sarah B.'s blog posts cover her personal life as a mother of four children who struggles to find balance and pursue her passions.

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