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Gabbi has been freelancing as an Internet content writer for the last eight years. She has sold almost 4,000 articles to date. Her passion is to craft informative, interesting and helpful texts that engage readers and rank high in the search engines. Gabbi likes to add a touch of humor to her content when appropriate. It keeps things light, and it can add some zip and zing to pages about appliance repair and pest control.

When writing website content, Gabbi likes to present what the client has to offer in a way that generates enthusiasm, and excitement. What unexpected benefits will the reader enjoy with these products? How will these services make the reader's life easier, healthier and happier? Why are these products better than those offered by the competition? What makes the company that provides these services special, and why is this a company that readers will want to have a long-term relationship with?

For purely informative articles and blogs, Gabbi takes a different approach. Does the client want an article that supports one position over another? Or is the client looking for an article that simply presents facts and figures in an unbiased way?

Gabbi believes that a good content writer understands what the client wants before commencing the work. Clear communication from the get-go can eliminate rejections and revision requests while reducing any editing and rewriting a client might be left with if the completed article is off the mark.

Long-term client relationships are important to Gabbi. Although she enjoys writing for new clients, the ease and comfort of an established client relationship allows her to "run with an article" because she knows exactly what the client wants. She is currently working with a client on a team that started five years ago and is still going strong.
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