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Gabbi has been freelancing as an Internet content writer for the last eight years. She has sold almost 4,000 articles to date. Her passion is to craft informative, interesting and helpful texts that engage readers and rank high in the search engines. Gabbi likes to add a touch of humor to her content when appropriate. It keeps things light, and it can add some zip and zing to pages about appliance repair and pest control.

When writing website content, Gabbi likes to present what the client has to offer in a way that generates enthusiasm, and excitement. What unexpected benefits will the reader enjoy with these products? How will these services make the reader's life easier, healthier and happier? Why are these products better than those offered by the competition? What makes the company that provides these services special, and why is this a company that readers will want to have a long-term relationship with?

For purely informative articles and blogs, Gabbi takes a different approach. Does the client want an article that supports one position over another? Or is the client looking for an article that simply presents facts and figures in an unbiased way?

Gabbi believes that a good content writer understands what the client wants before commencing the work. Clear communication from the get-go can eliminate rejections and revision requests while reducing any editing and rewriting a client might be left with if the completed article is off the mark.

Long-term client relationships are important to Gabbi. Although she enjoys writing for new clients, the ease and comfort of an established client relationship allows her to "run with an article" because she knows exactly what the client wants. She is currently working with a client on a team that started five years ago and is still going strong.
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Gabbi researches and writes articles, blogs, news stories, resumes, press releases, product descriptions, sales copy, white papers, magazine articles, marketing materials and website pages. She loves content rewrites, and she can turn any existing text into fresh content that's 100 percent original.

Her content specialty areas include finances, health, interior design, diet, addiction, beauty, fitness, fashion, home and family, esotericism, business, technology, law, marketing, animals, food and automobiles.

Her specialized experience includes a long-term project that involved writing and rewriting hundreds of product descriptions for an online store that sells upscale kids' clothes, toys and furniture. She has also written hundreds of content pages for a web design company that builds and redesigns websites for HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors. She has written roughly 200 articles about intervention and substance abuse for addiction treatment referral websites.


Art is high on Gabbi's interest list. To her, writing is an art form whether it's Internet content or a to-do list. A watercolor artist, Gabbi has sold more than 50 of her abstract paintings. She studied piano and ballet as a child and is still passionate about music and dance.

With a postgraduate addiction counseling certificate and a six-month internship at a drug and alcohol treatment center under her belt, Gabbi has sold approximately 200 articles about substance abuse and recovery from addiction.

Gabbi reads Tarot cards, and she will laughingly tell you that "the cards are always right." That's because the Tarot is based on quantum and sub-molecular physics.

Mental, emotional and physical health are important to Gabbi. When time and circumstances permit, you can find her at a yoga class, learning about Gnosticism on YouTube, hiking on nearby nature trails, dancing in her living room or perfecting her roller blade moves.


University of Wisconsin

Gabbi's psychology major focused on behaviorism, scientific research and APA journal writing.

Her writing minor included courses in creative writing, fiction writing, magazine article writing, poetry writing and advanced technical writing.

Marquette University

Gabbi completed all the requirements for her M.S. Degree except the master's thesis.

Harold Washington College

Gabbi completed this two-year program and passed the Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC) exam. The program included a one-semester supervised internship in a Chicago drug and alcohol treatment facility.


300 Projects Completed

For Gabbi, writing about money never loses its appeal. She can tell you how to raise your credit score in six months flat, and she will happily explain why the cost of a secured credit card with an annual fee can be a worthwhile investment for anyone with bad credit. Articles and blogs about budgeting, saving, investing, spending and money management are just a few of her favorite topics, but she is just as happy to explain the ins and outs of title loans, lawsuit settlement loans, debt restructuring programs and debt consolidation loans.


300 Projects Completed

Beauty in all its forms is one of Gabbi's favorite topics. Blogs and articles about simple yet effective skin care, cutting-edge hair color, cosmetic surgical enhancements, hair care for a healthy mane, minimalist makeup that still packs a punch, exceptional yet easy-to-manage haircuts and up-to-the-moment fashion are just a few of the tempting topics about which Gabbi always has something good to say.


300 Projects Completed

Gabbi has written numerous content pages for attorneys' websites as well as a variety of legal blogs and articles. A great many of her texts have been Web pages for personal injury and DUI lawyers, but she has also written content for attorneys in healthcare, bankruptcy, criminal defense, child pornography, child custody, immigration, work injury, estate planning, living trusts, wrongful death, family and tax law.

She has written legal articles about class action lawsuits, toxic torts, disability claims and disability claim appeals, medical negligence, work accidents and medical malpractice. Many of her legal texts are explanations of what's involved in a particular legal practice area and why someone might need those services. Gabbi enjoys writing about why legal representation is the best way to bring about a fair outcome in any kind of claim, litigation or dispute.


2,000 Projects Completed

As a freelancer for the past eight years, Gabbi has created and sold nearly 4,000 texts. Approximately 2,000 of those texts have been articles about everything from Medicare advantage plans, dermal fillers and the history of black clothing to the benefits of online reputation management, how drugs affect brain function, and symptoms of bipolar disorder in men.

Gabbi has written press releases about new product launches and instructional articles about washing windows, cleaning upholstery and getting rid of bedbugs. She has written about increasing website conversion rates with links, earning residual income from network marketing and spotting the signs of stockbroker fraud.

Blog Post

1,000 Projects Completed

Blog posts make up about a third of Gabbi's total freelance writing projects. Articles are serious, but blogs are fun. Gabbi has blogged about the top ten benefits of massage therapy, how eyelash extensions can cut your morning makeup routine in half, the five best online schools to get your MBA, six things you should never do on a job interview, why bugs love the bathroom and how domestic robots can make your life easier.

She has reported on the six best diets for rapid weight loss and how to deal with toddler tantrums without losing your mind. Gabbi loves to write humorous blogs and has turned out a few choice pieces about cussing parrots, psychic cats and gangsta squirrels.

Web Page

1,000 Projects Completed

When it comes to websites, content is still king, and Gabbi has written approximately 1,000 Web pages to date. Gabbi believes that high-quality Web content should provide information that satisfies the needs of readers and is search engine friendly. You can find Gabbi's content on the websites of lawyers, physicians, surgeons, plumbers, dentists, online lenders, HVAC contractors and on drug and alcohol treatment center and referral websites.

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