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As an educator and baseball coach, Christopher has a combined 31 years of experience. In life, he is 30 years old and wants to try his hand at writing for money. He understands that 'try my hand' roughly translates into bullshit experience, but he is willing to work at something until it improves.

Christopher is excellent at taking direction, communicating clearly, and working as a team or with a partner. The first two skills he uses daily in his classroom, the third skill was hard-learned after drudging through several group projects in grad school. Speaking of graduate school, did you know that 85% of the group work in graduate school is reflective of only 40% of the work encountered by graduates in the private sector? Probably not, because Christopher just made that up, but he does have a fourth skill of improvisation which he uses in his classroom daily to keep students entertained.

Christopher is constantly injecting humor into his lessons because he teaches history to children who were born the same year as YouTube. When you're competing against social media, texting, and literally anything that trumps 16th century British tax laws, you need to find a way to make the material fresh and relevant.


In depth knowledge of baseball, teaching, teaching social studies, educational leadership knowledge, being the 'Papa Bear' in "Goldilocks has Tea with the Bear Family" (a production his 3 year old stars in in the family living room), never losing a anything.


Baseball, education, humor, family, parenting, raising daughters, being a (slightly) better than mediocre husband, drinking, and writing.


St. Peter's University, Jersey City NJ

Christopher attended St. Peter's University from 2004 - 2009 on a full baseball scholarship. While he attended the university, he pursued a double major in Elementary Education and American Studies. He was a four-year starter and two-time captain of the University's Division I baseball team, where he twice earned Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference player of the week honors. Christopher graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in teaching and certification as an educator of elementary school, kindergarten to fifth grade with middle school social studies certification. He is a certified teacher in the state of New Jersey.

Montclair State University

After being a middle school social studies teacher for five years, Christopher decided to pursue an administrative degree. Upon completion of an accelerated graduate school program, Christopher was able to attain credentials in the state of New Jersey allowing him to become a school superintendent, school principal, and supervisor. This rigorous course entailed 36 credits within 15 months in both classroom and online formats. Christopher completed the program with a 3.7 grade point average.


1 Projects Completed

Christopher was paid a wage of $40/hour for 20 hours to write a new curriculum for middle school students within Secaucus School District. Curriculum needed to meet the New Jersey State Department of Education Student Learning Standards in Social Studies, Common Core State Standards, as well as the criteria of existing resources within the school district and those that were available within the district budget. Curriculum was designed for a US History II course.


0 Projects Completed

During the winter of 2013, Christopher wrote a short script for a video pitch that was accepted by a humor-themed website. The video was never shot, but entering the submission gave Christopher experience in pitching ideas into a distinct format. The script itself is an early representation of Christopher's humor, although rudimentary in style, it does show comedic timing.

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