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It has been a beautiful learning experience after years of professional online writing for numerous reputable companies, many of which are very difficult to get hired by. The subjects that have been requested are content writing, SEO writing, academic writing, essay writing, speech-writing, personal reflections, and critical analyses of various subjects.

Luckily, experience in video editing means companies can ask for the production of numerous types of other presentations. Clients have also inquired about some artistic experience and asked for different types of graphic design, collages, posters, etc.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


As a former educator, it entailed Heather to be lucky enough to have gained over a decade of experience in the public classroom as well as tutoring, and continuing education from a Bachelor's Degree to a Master's Degree and even currently pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Educational Technology. It is because of this that clients consistently ask this writer to write on various aspects of education and related topics from differentiated instruction to teaching philosophies.


Within the experience and time writing for various academic companies, one of Heather's most popular requests has been to write about a vast amount of diverse health topics including various diseases, surgical essays, and treatment options. As a major proponent of comprehending and being able to keep one's own health a priority and having had personal issues related to this topic, the client knows this writer is very understanding of this subject matter.


Heather has been given the chance to do research on various beauty related topics from makeup, hairstyles, and overall looks that work for various body types and women of all ethnicities. Most of her experience has been focused on makeup as she is very familiar with the subject after working as a seller with her mom of Avon for years. Heather has also been asked to do a couple of hair related pieces like the one below.

Product Projects

  • Article20+

Summary of Product Experience


Based off meticulous research skills, clients have asked numerous times for written articles on varied subject such as health, the environment, entertainment, music, pop culture, design in jewelry, film, and SEO content tips. Like most good writers doing research, it is imperative to make sure to report factual information on the topic assigned and that the client is truly happy with the product that is produced.

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