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Krista is a dedicated writer with 13+ years of multi-disciplined experience, from meeting minutes and policy copy to blog posts and a full-length novel. She's a well-read lifelong learner with the ability to tackle a broad spectrum of topics and bring them to life with the written word. Krista has a proven record of utilizing written and interpersonal communication skills effectively in a variety of environments. She is seeking to contribute experience, skills, and expertise to exciting new writing projects. Krista's personal blog showcases her writing ability and style.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Krista writes many articles and blog posts to educate the masses. She shares her knowledge and occasional wisdom with as much humor and snark as the situation allows, allowing her personality to transport her readers in ways that dry text cannot.


Krista, for herself, writes about faith, life, and the humor that both require. She strives to bring a laugh to even the most mundane or painful aspects of family life. Between her seven bustling kiddos and the fumbles and foibles of her own and of her husband, she has more than enough fodder to bring joy to the masses.

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Summary of Product Experience


Krista enjoys writing non-fiction, researching many topics, and incorporating them into short ebook content. She has worked on several projects, most revolving around health-related topics, or publishing. She is excellent at bringing a fresh view to a worn topic, and prides herself on bringing enough personality to non-fiction to make it read better than fiction.

Blog Post

Krista has been maintaining a personal blog for several years, and has contributed to the work of several other bloggers. She is well-versed in WordPress and the intricacies of the blogging world, and enjoys putting her writing ability and style to work for others.

When Krista writes for herself she works to incorporate as much humor and verve into the daily grind as possible. She loves to give seemingly dry topics a fresh lens, and to bring new life to them for other people. While she prefers to write with a casual, engaging stroke, and truly believes that personality goes a long way with the written word, she can also take up the more arid, serious mantle as needed, to deliver material in a straight, just-the-facts-ma'am fashion.

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