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Laura is a professional freelance writer and editor, specializing in content writing and editing for articles that appear on the Internet. She has edited articles for online websites and newspapers and has edited press releases and letters for grassroots political campaigns. She also audits articles that have been previously published online to update them for relevancy.

Laura has been writing professionally since 1983. Her feature stories on area businesses, human interest and health and fitness appear in her local newspaper. She has been published in Clean Eating magazine and in Dimensions magazine, a CUNA Mutual publication. She has written for The Huffington Post, TheNest.com, MapQuest, Modern Mom, Chron.com, Motley Fool, Livestrong and typeF. She has also written for commercial sites such as Hidden Valley and Dremel.


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  • Health500+
  • Finance100+
  • Women100+
  • Kids/Family50+
  • Fitness50+
  • Travel50+
  • Pets20+
  • Relationships20+
  • Real Estate20+
  • Politics20+
  • Sports20+
  • Garden20+
  • Career20+
  • Green Products10+
  • Fashion10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Laura has written newspaper features on chiropractors and Pilates instructors. She has written articles on pregnancy and fertility for Modern Mom and general health and nutrition articles for Livestrong.com. She has also written about healthy living for Hidden Valley. Anyone who is interested in health and how to be as healthy as possible would find these articles useful.


Laura specializes in personal finance articles and has been published in Motley Fool, Chron.com, TheNest.com and eHow Money and various blogs. Anyone who has ever wondered whether they should switch banks, how to prepare a budget, how to get out of debt, how to plan for retirement and more would pick up some financial tips from her articles.


Laura specializes in articles for women that have been published on Yahoo! Shine, Livestong.com, Modern Mom and various blogs. Her articles on pregnancy, relationships, parenting styles, fashion and beauty and healthy living help women make decisions on areas that concern them. Women’s interests vary from men’s, and Laura writes about the issues that are of interest to women.


Laura specializes in articles regarding parenting and family and has been published in Modern Mom, Livestrong.com, Yahoo! Shine and Hidden Valley. She also writes her own blog called The Family Guide that features advice for parents. Anyone who wants to read about family issues and various parenting techniques would pick up some tips from her articles.


Laura writes online articles about fitness for her local newspaper where she has interviewed fitness and martial arts instructors. Her articles on how women successfully lost weight through diet and exercise have been published in Clean Eating magazine. She also writes about fitness for Livestrong.com and Modern Mom. Anyone who could use some fitness motivation would find these articles helpful.


Laura has written online articles about travel that have appeared in the Huffington Post travel section, Trails.com and in MapQuest. Anyone who wants to know about the features of various ski resorts or the activities centered around different holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve would find her articles helpful.


Laura has written online articles about pets that have appeared in The Daily Puppy, Yahoo! and on eHow Pets. Anyone who wants to understand the latest dog training tips, which dog breeds would be best for the family, whether to install an invisible fence or how to bathe an uncooperative cat would find her articles helpful.


Laura has written online articles about relationships that have been published on Modern Mom and various blogs. Anyone who wants to learn why men and women cheat, about parent/child relationships, tips when going though a divorce or about low sex drive would find out some interesting information by reading her articles.

Real Estate

Laura has written online articles about getting into a first home, foreclosures and mortgages for Yahoo! Finance and various real estate blogs. Anyone who wants to know when to lock in a mortgage, how to qualify for a HARP refinance or how to get your house ready for resale would find her articles on real estate helpful.


Laura has written online articles about politics that have been published on Yahoo! News and various blogs. She comments on news articles of the day and writes about their various angles. Anyone who wants to understand why injecting livestock with antibiotics is bad for us or the latest recap of a political debate will find her articles helpful.


Laura has been a tennis official and has written various articles about tennis that have been published in Livestrong.com. Anyone who wants to know about tennis facilities in Atlanta or about the ins and out of the game would find some useful tips by reading her articles. She also writes about sports nutrition for Livestrong.com.


Laura has written online articles about plants for Livestrong.com and for eHow Home and Garden. Anyone who needs to know what sort of plants would do best in which growing area would find her articles useful. Also, anyone who wants to use herbs for medicinal purposes would want to understand whether there are any side effects.


Laura has written online articles for Chron.com about various careers. Her articles are useful to readers who need to make a decision regarding whether they wish to pursue a particular career. Anyone who has ever asked what they want to be when they grow up will find her articles useful. Laura explains all the ins and outs.

Green Products

Laura has written online articles about “green” house cleaning products, solar energy, organic makeup and organic food. Most of these articles have been published in Modern Mom and various blogs. If you want to know how to be as green as you can be, you could pick up useful tips from Laura’s articles.


Laura has written online articles about fashion for Modern Mom magazine and for type F. Anyone who wishes to have control over a wardrobe instead of repeatedly looking in the closet and still finding nothing to wear would enjoy reading her articles that make the fashion selection process a breeze.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post50+
  • Press Release50+

Summary of Product Experience


Laura specializes in article writing that appear in both print and online magazines. She has written finance articles for Motley Fool, Yahoo! Finance, Chron.com and TheNest.com. She has written about parenting and lifestyle for Modern Mom, the Huffington Post, MapQuest and type F. She has written about healthy living for Livestrong.com, Clean Eating, Hidden Valley and Trails.com.

Blog Post

Laura writes for various blogs. She has written blog posts on personal finance, nutrition and parenting. Anyone who needs content for a blog can depend on Laura to provide content that would direct readers to the blog. Her articles are timely, and they use SEO techniques to maximize your audience.

Press Release

Laura’s public relations background and her past position as editor for a local newspaper make her the perfect choice to write your press release. Her experience encompasses both sides of the press release process. Laura knows what is newsworthy to include in a press release to get it published and read.

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