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Allison is a professional freelance writer of three years.She is an expert at SEO, keyword research and writing in niche-specific topics. Her work has been published on Hotels.com, Yellowpages.com, Trails.com, Moviefone.com, Golflink.com, The Motley Fool, Chron.com, eHow Finance and many more sites.

In recent months, she has expanded into writing for professionals, including doctor, veterinary, chiropractic and dental websites optimized for local search.


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Industry Projects

  • Insurance1,000+
  • Health500+
  • Finance100+
  • Travel100+
  • Tax20+
  • Nutrition20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Allison writes in all topics related to health insurance, auto insurance, homeowner's insurance or life insurance. She is well aware of state-by-state laws regarding minimum insurance requirements, as well as of the details of the federal Affordable Care Act and HIPAA. Allison also has helpful tips for choosing an insurer, whether looking for one through an independent agent or through an online lead generation search form.


Allison writes on health conditions, natural remedies, side effects and symptoms. All of her health articles are research-based and never based on conjecture or theory, unless noted. Health articles are generated based on information from the Food and Drug Administration, the Mayo Clinic, university study and the National Institutes of Health.


Allison writes finance articles on budgeting, foreign exchange, debt management, saving and investing. She has written several projects about bankruptcy, foreclosure, small business lending, personal loans, payday cash advance loans, filing taxes, tax extensions, tax deductions, tax credits and more. Finance and tax laws are always changing, and Allison remains abreast of those changes at all times.


Allison is a travel blogger for a popular news website, and she has also provided travel-related content for websites like USAToday.com, Trails.com, Golflink.com. She, herself, is well-traveled, and can provide content that caters to both a local or a traveler in multiple areas of the world. Whether clients request information on major attractions, landmarks and events, or would prefer off-the-beaten-path type of content, Allison's travel work is always informative and engaging for the reader.


Allison has written about both state and federal taxes, as well as what is deductible for both personal and business taxes. She can offer helpful tips for finding commonly missed deductions, as well as information about credits and changes in tax law. Furthermore, because tax law is constantly changing -- sometimes more than once per year -- Allison helps small businesses, self-employed individuals and small investors understand how changing laws will affect their finances.


Allison writes on nutrition, herbs, supplements, fitness and health as a whole, with an emphasis on natural healthy living. Allison's work highlights how a healthy lifestyle is key to longevity, and how it also has the power to prevent the onset of severe, debilitating diseases. Juicing, fasting and supplementing a diet with herbs and vitamins are just some examples of the type of information Allison can provide in a health and nutrition article.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Article500+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

As an examine, Allison posts regular blog posts to examiner.com. Additionally, she has several clients who hire her to post weekly blog posts as a ghostwriter.


Almost all of Allison's work is the result of research and experience.

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