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Liz's passion is covering "wow-inducing" STEM topics for broad audiences. To that end, she's written about research, outreach, and awards at three universities. Liz has had the pleasure of covering topics that range from cyber attacks on drones to plant responses to climate change to mental health programming to the physics of jamming. She has experience writing in different styles, including detailed research reports, concise press releases, human interest blog posts, and profiles.


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Industry Projects

  • Science20+
  • Medical10+
  • Bio/Pharm2

Summary of Industry Experience


Liz has written about wide-ranging scientific topics for three universities. Projects have been featured on university blogs, printed in alumni magazines, or sent out to journalists as press releases.


Liz has written for two different medical colleges, covering research and other activities related to public health, drug pricing, cancer, and more.


Liz has written about pharmaceutical drug development and pricing for a medically-focused university.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+
  • Press Release10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Many of Liz's pieces are posted on university websites, some of which are also reformatted as press releases or distributed in campus newsletters.

Press Release

Liz wrote press releases for a medical university, some of which which were picked up by major media outlets including the LA Times, USA Today, and Health.com

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