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Jack specializes in Blog Posts, Travel, Automotive, Real Estate, Home Improvement, Fitness, Lifestyle, Health and Well Being, and Web Design, but writes well on any topic. Add Jack to your love list or send him a solo. He guarantees satisfaction and prides himself on delivering high quality and thoroughly researched pieces. Jack's recent credits include press releases for the PBS series "Informed" with Rob Lowe, and "Behind The Scenes" with James Earl Jones. He has a 100% satisfaction rate across all his platforms, and an almost 30% exceed rate here on Writer's Access. His other experience includes employment in the communications, IT, construction, automotive, retail, and real estate fields. He most recently held the position of Director of Public Relations for a Brooklyn Based community organization. Jack holds a bachelor's degree in business and web design from SUNY Empire State.


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Industry Projects

  • Consumer Goods100+
  • Auto100+
  • Travel100+

Summary of Industry Experience

Consumer Goods

Jack has extensive writing experience in the consumer goods industry. He has worked on product descriptions for everything from golf clubs to women's underwear. His education and experience in business and marketing make him a perfect fit for any projects involving product descriptions.


Jack has a proven track record in automotive writing. He's worked on over 40 different projects from complete vehicle reviews to simple blog posts. He loves cars and loves writing about them. Jack is a good fit for any automotive project.


Jack has written over 60 travel pieces ranging from personal accounts, to researched travel guides. He's been to over thirty U.S. destinations and specializes in New York City, Boston, Newport RI, and Washington D.C. Jack writes in a warm and friendly tone, usually with a touch of humor. The excerpt below comes from a piece on Boston's North End.

Product Projects

  • Web Page10+
  • Newsletter Content0

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

From 2005 through 2009, Jack operated a New York City based travel website. He created and maintained this site in order to learn current web technologies. The site ran on php and featured a content management system. This allowed for easy updating, without the need to log onto the host server.

Newsletter Content

For the past seven years, Jack has served as the Corresponding Secretary for a Brooklyn based community organization. He has written dozens of newsletters, promotional letters, thank you letters, and letters of recommendation. Jack produces highly focused and to the point letters that readers appreciate. Consider Jack if you need a well written, professional, and concise letter.

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