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Full-time content writer and creator, SEO article writer, blog post writer, copywriter, proofreader, and editor for websites iWriter and Zerys Software for around 4 years and counting, starting around July of 2015. Aim to make a long and comprehensive career in the realm of freelance writing, and have a range of skills and approaches to any project, for any client's needs. Experienced in many different subjects, topics, and client goals, but most often write for business looking for ideal business summaries, advertisements, articles, and blog posts touting the merits of their companies and businesses. Focus most on, and specialize in, computer science and information technology, providing informative and well-researched SEO and content articles and blog posts, ranging from informative purposes, to conversational talk. Brings a versatile and adaptable mindset and set of skills to any project or task.
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Very knowledgeable in anything related to computers, electronics, gadgets, information technology, etc. at any and all levels, including computer maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. Knows a great deal of psychology, economics, business, video games, the internet, a small bit of web design, and even esotericism as well.


Has a huge interest and love of things out of the ordinary - the paranormal, occult, cryptid things in life. Likes parapsychology, aliens, cryptid beasts like Sasquatch, Loch Ness monster, UFO's and so on.


Central Tech Career and Technical School

Received professional and quality training and hands-on experience in a Microsoft IT academy certified workshop, where hands-on personal experience in every aspect of computer maintenance and repair is awarded to students, on-par with college-level education.


22 Projects Completed

Have written articles about well-known and respected business entrepreneurs, their personal lives, and business endeavors for clients. Wrote articles for small businesses advertising their services and specialities within their respective communities. Detailed and discussed business and marketing strategies, as well as insight into the business world, when writing articles about successful business entrepreneurs, moguls, and investors.


11 Projects Completed

Wrote content, blog posts, and software reviews for clients demonstrating keen understanding of the intricacies and complications of technology at both the level of software and hardware. Demonstrated a well-rounded understanding of different kinds of technology, including that of computer and mobile software, and 3D/4D rendering software and machinery.


48 Projects Completed

Written many articles demonstrating an understanding of effective, practical, and knowledgeable article-building techniques designed to cater to the needs of the particular audiences they were designed for. Understands the concept of SEO optimization and effective techniques for the optimization of articles within a website to increase website traffic and public consumption.

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40 Projects Completed

Have written well-written and engaging blog posts for a diverse and varied set of blogs, demonstrating and understanding of not only how to satisfy the needs of individual clientele and their audiences, but how to construct blog posts that are readable, relatable, and appeal to the personal,the everyday, and the mundane aspects of the lives of the audiences reading them. Also possesses and demonstrates the ability to create informative, yet interesting blog posts that are meant to educate, yet not bore the audience.

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