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Tyree R. is writer from Atlanta, Georgia. Having worked and written for various outlets such as CNN, CBS, USA Today, and Huffington Post he is creating dynamic content across multiple platforms.

In addition to his editing experience, he has done writing/producing. He has produced some experiential marketing campaigns for Coca-Nola, Cumulus Media, and Nordstrom.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Tyree has worked extensively in the world of Entertainment. He has covered tabloid gossip for radio shows as well as reported on business proceedings in the film, music, and tech industry.


Tyree has worked with various music blogs covering venues, artists, concerts, and albums for sites. He has made listicles as well as in depth op-ed on issues in pop music.


Tyree has developed sponsored content for websites seeking to push information on career development.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Tyree has developed as a digital journalist over the past four years. He has created multiple articles a day for various websites.

Blog Post

Tyree has blogged for Huffington Post, USA Today, and CNN Opinion. He has experience writing o-p-ed pieces under commission to highlight specific goals of a company or brand.

Twitter Post

Tyree has managed social media for various news outlets. He can craft creative copy that is succinct and successfully reach the targeted audience.

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