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Misha has spent ten years honing her writing and editing skills through creating large volumes of high-quality, captivating content for a variety of clients. She spent six years serving in several capacities with a major online media corporation. One of these duties was writing for high-profile sites such as Livestrong.com, as well as vetting and editing content topics via her quality assurance role. She also took a leadership role as a forum moderator, working with and guiding her colleagues with the goal of enhanced team performance. In addition, she was responsible for auditing her colleagues' work to ensure that the guidelines were followed correctly.

Further freelance writing work creating content of all types has contributed to a strong understanding of the complexities of ever-changing SEO algorithms and the need to create solid, authentic branding. Whether you need a call to action or high-value complementary content for your brick-and-mortar business, the right combination of SEO and authoritative information can take your online presence to the next level.
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Misha is a versatile writer with experience in subjects of all kinds. Her specialties include:

* Informative and engaging blog content
* Research-based articles
* Product descriptions
* Web content
* Content rewrites
* Organic SEO
* Detail-heavy research

Misha has written on topics ranging from the future of solar power to online dating and everything in between. She offers an acute eye for high-quality research and a deep love of language and learning. From straightforward informational content to slightly sassy, humorous blogs, Misha can adapt to virtually any writing style desired. She has a particular fondness and skill for content relating to natural living and healthy eating.


When she's not crafting with words Misha loves to craft with yarn and other textiles. She also plays guitar and piano and spends time with her kids. Her enthusiasm for autism advocacy was sparked by her journey obtaining services for her autistic son.

She also has a keen interest in food quality issues and is currently working on a book about the effects of synthetic food dyes in our food supply, particularly as they pertain to children.


Macomb Community College

Misha took courses in journalism, speech, and English in order to enhance her writing and communications skills.


1 Projects Completed

Misha has written dozens of articles, blog posts, and other food-related content for private clients. She has a strong interest in healthy eating and a solid grasp on what today's savvy consumers are looking for in terms of ingredients, convenience, and creativity.


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Misha has been writing on health issues for over 20 years. She has a particular affinity for research-based pieces pertaining to natural birth and other pregnancy-related topics. One of her pregnancy articles has been adopted by an international childbirth organization as a part of their labor class curriculum. She also has a keen interest in holistic and herbal healing arts, as well as contemporary treatments for a variety of health concerns. With a strong nose for rooting out the best research, Misha can adapt to and cover virtually any health-related subject in an objective and engaging manner.


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People are busier than ever and are constantly looking for ways to eat healthier, especially on the go. Misha has addressed this issue effectively throughout dozens of pieces for private clients. She has pursued the issue of healthy nutrition not only in her career but over the course of more than two decades of parenting. She has strong research skills and enjoys composing quality, evidence-based, organic SEO-friendly material on contemporary nutritional topics such as the raw food diet and gluten-free eating.


503 Projects Completed

Misha has written hundreds of articles on a wide variety of topics. She has provided clients with comprehensive information spanning dozens of projects. For example, she has completed over 60 articles on bonsai gardening, as well as dozens more on real estate, fly fishing, automotive topics, health, and internet marketing. Misha is also a senior writer with a prominent consumer financial advice website. She is an extremely versatile writer with an eye for relevant details.

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Misha has written over 100 blog posts for various clients. She has covered topics from dentistry and dating to food and real estate, and dozens of subjects in between. She can transition seamlessly between tones, completing humorous projects just as effectively as those with a professional B2B slant. Her favorite blog types are nutrition, parenting, and natural living, however she can easily adapt to whatever your specific needs may be.

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