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Zak H
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Zak’s higher education and software industry experience help him write technical blogs and articles that are informative, entertaining and easy to understand.

Zak earned his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Michigan Technological University (MTU) and master’s degree in computer engineering from University of Southern California (USC).

After his graduation, he started his career as a computer programmer. He has worked in HDTV, mobile games and video gaming industry. His last corporate tenure was at Electronic Arts (EA), a fortune 500 company.

Since 2012, Zak has focused on writing. He has written technical blogs, articles, software documentations, tutorials, and case studies for a wide variety of clients in the video gaming, mobile development, and entertainment industry. His programming career has given him insights into the high-tech and corporate environments. He is well-versed in hardware design, software development processes, computer game design methodologies and mobile development challenges.

Zak lives in Los Angeles and occasionally runs into celebrities at Starbucks while brainstorming and writing for his clients.
High Tech
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Here are Zak's areas of expertise:

1. Technical Articles and Blogs, Documentation, and Tutorials
2. Software Programming and Computer Hardware Architecture
3. Knowledge of Android and iOS development
4. Knowledge of Mobile Game Development
5. Interest in latest technological innovations like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), and 3D printing
6. Understanding of DevOps, IT and Software Development processes (AWS Cloud Technologies, Python, Ansible, Docker, Networking, Cyber Security etc.)
7. Ability to understand complex technical topics and explain in simpler terms

Contace Zak for technical articles and blogs.


Literature, Cinema, and Future Technologies


Michigan Technological University

Zak earned his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. His thesis project was on designing a computer simulation for power grid peak conditions.

University of Southern California

Zak worked on topics like computer 3d graphics, video and audio codecs, computer design and user experience.

High Tech

0 Projects Completed

As an electrical engineer and software programmer, Zak has written articles and blogs on programming languages, mobile and electronic products, and software development tools. His expertise includes?:

* Programming Languages and Interfaces
* Software Configuration Management
* Desktop and Mobile Software Operating Systems
* Computer and Mobile Video Game Development
* Back-End Server Development
* Corporate Project Management
* Computer Networking
* IT Development

Zak has excellent research skills to write in-depth articles about complex technology issues.


0 Projects Completed

Zak has 10 years experience as a software engineer. He has a master of science degree in computer engineering. He is well-versed in multiple software languages, development techniques, and user issues. He has written manuals and video scripts to help users with software use. He has written technical R&D documentation for Corporate tax purposes.


0 Projects Completed

Zak has written articles and documentation for online adult education and professional courses. He has also written articles on the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

Blog Post

4 Projects Completed

Zak's main expertise is writing blogs about technological innovation. However, he has worked on creative blogs discussing literature, movies, and extraordinary events.


1 Projects Completed

Zak has written articles for various clients. His strength is writing articles within the 500-word to 1,500-word range.

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