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John has written many unpaid blog and Facebook articles. He has also published a Christian non-fiction book, and is currently working on a young adult novel. John has had experience in many different fields, including the US Navy, pest control, electrical maintenance, mental healthcare, hospice, and ministry. He also went back to college as a non-traditional student to finish his undergraduate degree, then continued on to graduate school.


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John has been active in ministry for over twenty years. He has completed a two year program in clinical chaplaincy, and has served as a Hospice Chaplain for over six years. John is a board certified pastoral counselor and life coach working with individuals from a spiritual worldview. John also published a Christian non-fiction book in 2009.

Self Help

John has worked with individuals, both as a mental health case worker and as a Pastoral counselor and life coach, to improve the individual's quality of life. John has received training, and has experience, working with clients in the areas of relationship, self-esteem, career productivity, and personal financial management.

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John has written several Facebook post for pages discussing spirituality and life coaching. While none of his post have been for pay, the critiques have been mostly positive, and many have been shared repeatedly. John enjoys this type of writing because it can be more challenging attempting to impact readers with fewer words.

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