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Billy has been published in multiple scholarly journals and has had numerous papers accepted for presentation at academic conferences. He's also assisted students with research methods and quantitative data analysis work.

Billy has written multiple business plans and structured the marketing and advertising for a number of small businesses.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Billy has provided solutions for multiple small businesses through services such as business plans, marketing plans and designed market research. Have also created presentations for executives and written notes for project managers to improve leadership skills. Proofread and edited business plans designed by entrepreneurs, making suggestions regarding how to improve plans.


Billy has written a multitude of papers on the topic of human resource management, with many focusing on the topic of staffing. Staffing is an incredibly dynamic topic that is constantly evolving with changes to regulation, economy, society and technology. As a staffing writer, he's acutely aware of current trends and keeps up with the Society of Human Resource Management and the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists. Billy holds an MBA with a specialization in human resource management, and his thesis focused on the topic of diversity, engagement and staffing.


Billy has written multiple papers on the topic of taxation. Taxation is a dynamic topic which is constantly evolving with changes to regulation and the economy. Billy examines the role that economy and society play in changes to regulation and taxation. He also examines what the consequences of changes to taxation may have on personal and business taxation strategy.

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Summary of Product Experience


Billy has written several scholarly journal articles which have been published or presented at academic conferences. These articles were on topics such as management, leadership, medical technology and knowledge management. These articles were based on findings from quantitative or qualitative research. Each article was rigorously reviewed by peers prior to publication. Presentations were given with PowerPoint slideshows.

White Paper

Billy has written a multitude of research projects for clients. His focus in research is on business, leadership, and marketing. Papers he's completed have been used by business leaders for internal reporting and in academia to address current bodies of knowledge. White papers have used qualitative, quantitative and conceptual research as the background for discussion.

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