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Medical school student at UNC Chapel Hill with graduation in May 2017. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Biochemistry in 2013. Job experience includes extensive work as a teaching assistant, tutor, and guest lecturer and extensive employment in the healthcare field. Have published multiple research papers and numerous poster presentations on various healthcare research topics.


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Extensive work in various research labs studying multiple research topics with poster presentations and publications in reputable scientific journals. This clinical research with the Gastrointestinal and Minimally Invasive Surgery department took place over multiple years at Carolina's Medical Center in Charlotte.


Extensive work on multiple basic science projects in a Biochemistry lab at Washington University in St. Louis. Studied the effects of lung protein on the development of Cystic Fibrosis resulting in multiple publications in reputable scientific journals. This research spanned the entire duration of my undergraduate experience.


Extensive work writing for various freelance writing companies. People looking for articles post descriptions of the articles they desire. First come, first serve board where writers claim these articles and submit them for review. Should the customer like the writing sample, they accept the article with a pay per word fee.

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Has written articles for various customers in need of writing for blogs, company websites, or other news organizations. First come, first serve articles are posted to the board. After claiming and submitting an article, the customer decides if they like the article. If they do, the writer gets paid on a per word fee.

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