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Deborah B
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Deborah has created grant proposals, articles, blog posts, and web pages for numerous clients. Deborah's writing specialties include medical writing, business writing, legal writing, and science & technology writing.

Within legal writing, Deborah specializes in providing blog posts and web pages in personal injury law, criminal defense law, and family law.

For business writing, Deborah has written articles and blog posts on personal finance, small businesses, and entrepreneurship.

Deborah's medical writing includes articles and blog posts on personal health, dental health, health& fitness, medical equipment, medical apparel, mental health, and geriatrics.
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personal injury, criminal defense, family law, divorce, business, finance, science & technology, scientific research, medicine


Health care, mental health, engineering, science, human interest stories, interviews, technology, business, finance


University of Chicago

Deborah's psychology studies had a general focus based on a more scientific basis vs. a clinical point of view. At the time, she was interested in pursuing a medical degree and specializing in psychiatry. The fields of psychology and psychiatry are still important to Deborah as interests.

University of Central Florida

Deborah's MFA studies concentrated on creative nonfiction. Her thesis was a childhood memoir growing up in America as an immigrant's daughter. Her writing focused on memoir and the personal essay. She also found a penchant for poetry during her studies.


51 Projects Completed

Deborah's expertise and experience stems from blog posts for a variety of law firms on numerous topics. Either you can give her a topic and/or outline, or she can research a topic and compose an article.


2 Projects Completed

While Deborah was at UCF as a technical writer, she wrote about not only high-tech scientific breakthroughs, but she also wrote about the business side of licensing UCF technologies. For example, she authored a blog series that introduced the licensing process to both researchers and potential industry partners.


1 Projects Completed

Deborah performed marketing and promotional work as both a grant writer who wrote corporate sponsorship packages as well as a technical writer who wrote blog posts and articles to promote UCF technologies and researchers.


0 Projects Completed

Most of Deborah's writing expertise is in the sciences and in engineering. She is excellent at taking complex ideas and simplifying them for a general audience.

Blog Post

70 Projects Completed

Deborah wrote for the UCF Office of Technology Transfer's blog, Patent Trending, which mainly promotes cutting-edge inventions available for licensing.

Web Page

32 Projects Completed

Deborah has provided web copy and content for a number of non-profits. Her current experience has been for a biking and travel website--1000+ words. Deborah's keen research skills, as well as her prowess for succinctness, give an additional boost to her web page creation expertise.


25 Projects Completed

Deborah wrote grant proposals for a variety of non-profit companies and agencies, mainly those who were just starting out in their ventures.


21 Projects Completed

Deborah interviewed and profiled student researchers, scientists, and engineers for a monthly feature on the UCF Office of Technology Transfer's website.

Product Description

4 Projects Completed

Product descriptions are what Deborah has done, in essence, as she has described inventions that were available for licensing at a research university. She has provided copy for a coffee tumbler as well as for external batteries. Whatever the product, Deborah can get to the heart of the value proposition through her succinct yet detailed descriptions.

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