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Deborah has a varied background in writing, starting as an editorial assistant at The Florida Review, which is based at the University of Central Florida (UCF), where she also received her MFA in Creative Writing, concentrating in Creative Nonfiction. During and after grad school, she worked as a grant writer and editor for non-profit companies and academic research institutions. Deborah was an adjunct professor of English Composition at Valencia College while she was a part-time technical writer at UCF. She then became full-time, helping the Office of Technology Transfer through blog posts and other marketing materials promote inventors and the inventions available for licensing.

Deborah was recently a contract technical writer at Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts, assisting with documentation for safety procedures, heavy equipment, and job plans.


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Industry Projects

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  • Business1
  • Marketing1
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Summary of Industry Experience


Deborah's expertise and experience stems from blog posts for a variety of law firms on numerous topics. Either you can give her a topic and/or outline, or sje can research a topic and compose an article.


While Deborah was at UCF as a technical writer, she wrote about not only high-tech scientific breakthroughs, but she also wrote about the business side of licensing UCF technologies. For example, she authored a blog series that introduced the licensing process to both researchers and potential industry partners.


Deborah performed marketing and promotional work as both a grant writer who wrote corporate sponsorship packages as well as a technical writer who wrote blog posts and articles to promote UCF technologies and researchers.


Most of Deborah's writing expertise is in the sciences and in engineering. She is excellent at taking complex ideas and simplifying them for a general audience.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+
  • Grant/Proposal20+
  • Product Description4
  • Web Page3
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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Deborah wrote for the UCF Office of Technology Transfer's blog, Patent Trending, which mainly promotes cutting-edge inventions available for licensing.


Deborah wrote grant proposals for a variety of non-profit companies and agencies, mainly those who were just starting out in their ventures.

Product Description

Product descriptions are what Deborah has done, in essence, as she has described inventions that were available for licensing at a research university. She has provided copy for a coffee tumbler as well as for external batteries. Whatever the product, Deborah can get to the heart of the value proposition through her succinct yet detailed descriptions.

Web Page

Deborah has provided web copy and content for a number of non-profits. Her current experience has been for a biking and travel website--1000+ words. Deborah's keen research skills, as well as her prowess for succinctness, give an additional boost to her web page creation expertise.


Deborah interviewed and profiled student researchers, scientists, and engineers for a monthly feature on the UCF Office of Technology Transfer's website.

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