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As a graduate student of English and writing, Michael earned awards for his scholarly and creative work and was enlisted as an editor for a nationally recognized literary magazine and a local creative writing contest. His work has appeared in journals like Crack the Spine, Alaxon, Art Tease Magazine, and in various web venues, including publications on Medium.com. In August of 2016, Michael earned a certification in Inbound Marketing from HubSpot. He primarily writes aritcles and blog posts, and is currently writing a book-length memoir.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Michael was an editorial project manager for an independent book project published through international self-publishing platform. He assisted directors with production and design of a full-length book of paintings by a prominent artist, resulting in a qualified finished product available for sale to the public. He provided design and copywriting work for book and its e-commerce website while establishing a relationship with Barnes & Noble, resulting in availability of the book for purchase in the company’s online store.

Consumer Goods

Michael was employed for over seven years by one of the major book retailers in the United States. He served in several roles, learning the bookselling industry from the ground up. His primary roles were sales, merchandizing, and customer service, but he also gained insights into marketing, office work, publishing, mobile technology, consumer trends, shipping, receiving, and even food service.


Under the tutelage of a professor, a group of students from Salem State University banded together to produce a web-text about the process of composing works of art and nonfiction using audio samples and recordings. This project was eventually published in a scholarly online journal that covers topics of rhetoric and pedagogy. The title of the project was, "Navigating the Soundscape: Composing with Audio," and Michael was a co-writer and contributor. In addition to splicing a subject's oral history with samples of music to creative a unified audio-memoir piece, Michael wrote an extensive scholarly paper on his role in the project, whcih was also published in the journal, and helped his team members make edits to the web-text as a whole. In its entirety, the project took almost five months to complete. This project was unpaid.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Michael has recently published two articles, one in an online magazine and one for the website of the Massachusetts Poetry Festival. The first piece was a profile of a watercolor artist of regional fame. The magazine it was featured in covers art events and trends in New England. Michael was also asked to write an article for Masspoetry.org introducing the poet, Ed Hirsch, and advertising his reading at the Massachusettes poetry festival. The article was featured on the website to garner interest in the reading and attract audience members. These projects were unpaid.

Blog Post

Michael has written over 20 articles for a blog on Medium.com which covers the topics of mindfulness, inspiration, race, feminism, and social justice. The pieces he has submitted vary in length, some being as short as 500-100 words and some being as long as over 3000. The curator and editor of the blog sought Michael out directly after reading work he had published online under his own name. They forged a relationship and have been working together ever since. This position is unpaid.

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