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Jenny has been writing professionally for online content companies since 2013. She has written articles on numerous topics that require general or extensive knowledge and internet research from credible websites. She is a quick learner and takes pride in her work. Attention to detail, meeting deadlines, and communicating with clients to fully understand and satisfy their needs are important to Jenny, and she never gives up on difficult projects. In fact, challenging projects are what she enjoys most. Working from home with no outside job or children to care for gives her plenty of time to focus on her work.
Home Living


Jenny has years of experience working with Microsoft Word, Office, Excel, and PowerPoint. She has a reliable computer with high-speed internet access. Her writing specialties span a variety of topics, including gardening, cooking tips and recipes, home improvement and DIY projects, pets, outdoor sports, outdoor machinery and tools, crafts and hobbies, health, exercise, technology, and fashion. She is an accomplished copywriter, editor/ proofreader, and creative writer.


Jenny enjoys writing, gardening, reading, cooking, participating in outdoor activities, and learning new things.


Amarillo College

Jenny earned her Associate of Arts in English degree with an emphasis in Humanities, Creative Writing, and Business Writing.


20 Projects Completed

Jenny completed several paid writing projects concerning various aspects of gardening. Topics include care of different types of plants, growing techniques, hydroponics, aeroponics, organic gardening, container gardening, raised bed gardening, indoor gardening, gardening in various USDA planting zones, landscaping techniques, fertilization options, lawn care, tree care, and plant propagation techniques (regarding seeds, bulbs, and cuttings).

Home Living

18 Projects Completed

Jenny has written various paid articles that concern home living. The different topics include home furnishings, decorative crafts, reviews of home furnishings and appliances, DIY projects, home improvement projects, and popular appliance and furniture brands and models. Each article provides clear and easy-to-understand instructions or information about a specific topic. The articles help homeowners or renters make the best of the surroundings they live in or update and improve certain aspects of the home.


16 Projects Completed

Jenny's paid articles pertaining to the outdoor/recreation category include fishing, boating, hiking, biking, athletic sports, river floating, camping, extreme sports, and accessories, supplies, and clothing that are useful to outdoor enthusiasts. Some articles instruct beginners on how to participate in an activity, necessary supplies, and important safety tips to follow. Other articles cater to skilled outdoorsmen or athletes who wish to further explore a favorite activity and add enjoyable challenges to it.


247 Projects Completed

Jenny has written numerous paid articles on a variety of topics. These articles written for different content companies include topics such as gardening, outdoor sports and recreation, technology, health, home, pets, outdoor tools, fashion, cooking, crafts, and hobbies. She writes on topics she is familiar with through life experience and previous careers or those that she researches information about on the Internet. Each article provides information, step-by-step instruction, tips, or reviews. Jenny's work focuses on helping others better understand a specific topic or subject.

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