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Since 2010 Rai has been helping businesses and non-profit organizations build solid reputations in their communities. Your online presence can make or break your business and you need to stand out as an authority in your field. By meeting potential customers, clients, and investors with a strong and compelling voice, you can build an audience that will fuel your endeavors for years to come. It's your job to operate your business. Leave presenting the right image and drawing in an audience to Rai. She'll deliver copy that wows and builds momentum for you to achieve your goals.
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Rai specializes in creating a unique voice for your business through regularly-scheduled blog posts. Rai gets to know your organization's personality and create a voice and style that will appeal to your target audience.


Rai lives by the motto "Never stop learning." She prides herself on being able to learn anything and is interested in anything that will help her do her job better and, in turn, serve her clients better.


Santa Clara University

In 2010, Rai graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Santa Clara University. Rai completed her degree in just three years and graduated at the age of 20 with honors.

Brandman University

Rai graduated from Brandman University with a dual degree in both Marriage & Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counseling. Rai also trained to be a counselor for two years in clinical settings before deciding to pursue her passion of freelance writing.

Florida State University

A lifelong student, Rai is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Criminology from the top criminology program in the nation. Rai plans to some day combine her loves of psychology, criminology, and writing in a creative way.


59 Projects Completed

Rai has been writing on the topic of health since 2010. Her articles have ranged from guides to living with certain diseases to journalistic articles about specific health industries such as reproductive medicine or private practices.


27 Projects Completed

As a lifelong student herself, Rai is an expert in education. Rai writes about everything from how to be a successful student to issues facing college campuses today. Rai is a skilled researcher and masterfully weaves evidence-based research into her pieces.


17 Projects Completed

Rai creates data sheets, training materials, and website content that helps tech companies reach a wider audience. Though technological jargon can become overwhelming for consumers, Rai makes such topics accessible to the lay reader.

Blog Post

470 Projects Completed

The majority of Rai's work has been in creating blog posts. Rai helps businesses establish themselves as authorities by creating consistent, useful blog content that builds trust with the target audience.

Web Page

24 Projects Completed

Your website is your first - and often your only - chance to make an impression on your target audience. Rai helps businesses attract and keep customers by creating compelling website content.

Data Sheet

13 Projects Completed

Rai creates succinct yet powerful data sheets that help potential clients through the sales funnel.

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