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Author of 2 novellas, Viral Spark and Viral Fire. Viral Ember will be released, Halloween 2016, to close the trilogy. Published by New Land Press.

Martin wrote a popular mission pack for a Kerbal Space Program mod (Mission Controller) before contracts and economy were built into the stock game.

He has a background in Physics and Computer Science. Understanding the working pieces behind a video game allows him to not only create content, but to make suggestions and aide in the brainstorming process of building a captivating RPG or simulation.

He maintains the blog writefarmlive.com, about his transition from oilfield life to farming and writing, and offers tips to other writers. He actively encourages everyone to take the reigns in life, and "Drive their own plot."


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Commissioned to write a trilogy of novellas for a new publisher based on a short story writing sample. Also work with the indie publisher on querying reviews and other publicity work.


When the game "Kerbal Space Program" was still in Beta, there was a mod for it named "Mission Controller." Martin made a coding suggestion (which was tweaked and accepted by the mod's owner) to make it more user friendly. His knowledge of general coding, even without knowing the script for this particular project, was enough to make the modification almost drag + drop for the coder.

Martin also worked over several months to construct a mission pack for the mod, which got 5000+ downloads from the KSP community, and was the most popular mission pack when I stopped maintaining the pack.

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Martin wrote Viral Spark, Viral Fire, and the upcoming Viral Ember. He was commissioned to write a trilogy of short works, and once Viral Ember it released, it will conclude 3 novella publications in just over seven months from starting the project. This includes his direct involvement with the new publisher in finding cover designers, advertising, audience building, strategy, press releases, and pricing.

Product Description

Martin was hired to write five blog posts for a firearms website in the format of "5 Best [product type]." The job was completed and the client has retained him for future blog articles on a weekly basis.

Blog Post

WriteFarmLive started as an author site earlier this year, and has taken on a life of it's own through the writing and life experiences of Martin. He's added an old comic strip from a previous website after a request. He also writes reviews to direct readers to other authors of short fiction. He runs the site for free, trying to build a community of short fiction writers, and inspire all writers to become published authors.

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